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Last Update: 26 March 2021

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Best Chocolate Fountain

Top 5 Best Chocolate Fountain Machines, Listed Below

There is nothing more pleasing than a chocolate fountain that keeps on pouring chocolate, and you can eat it as much as you want. Moreover, it is found that with the help of the right ingredients in the proper amount, you would be able to get the best possible results from chocolate fountains.

But the biggest issue chocolate fountain buyers face is that they cannot pick up the right option for themselves. In case if you are also stuck into this issue, then do follow this post till the end, as here we are going to have a look at some of the best chocolate fountains that you can buy online.

Not only that, but we also will be figuring out the best chocolate fountain list based on features you get within the fountain. Moreover, this list will also help you select a chocolate fountain based on your requirements, so to know more about the list and best options, make sure to read it till the end.

Recommended Top Pick

Wilton Chocolate Pro is become the top model of our list with 2,441 ratings Out of which 76% rating is 5 stars. it have really pocket price only 63$ on amazon. If you buy two for so much money, then you will get less money, as if you have to give a gift, etc. to someone.

Top Features

  1. It comes with a 4 lb Capacity.
  2. Dishwasher safe
  3. It was not noisy at all.
  4. Easy setup & clean

The List Of Best Chocolate Fountain With Reviews

Here is the list of 5 best chocolate fountains from which you can select the most appropriate option according to your requirement:

Professional Chocolate Fountain

1. Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain

The first option from the list is the Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate fountain, which is integrated with three different settings options to help management based on your requirement. The dimensions of this product are 30.5 x 30.5 x 42.5cm.

The three options that you get with this chocolate fountain are to warm the basin, with the help of which you can start heating the basin, and hence you would be able to get hot chocolate out of it.

Secondly, you get a feature to set the flow of melting chocolate with which you can arrange the flowing speed of chocolate from the fountain. Hence, at last, you get the third feature, which is ON/OFF, with which you can get started to turn off this chocolate fountain.

As it does not have many difficult features, that’s the reason it makes the product easier to use. Moreover, you need to follow short instructions, and no butter or oil should be added to the fountain.

Top Pick - Not Have Time To Read, Just Grab The Best Pick

Make Your Dessert More Presentable: It is very attractive to people, especially children. It is as beautiful as a waterfall white chocolate fountain. It is very easy to present approximately 4 pounds of chocolate fondue. It contains a lot of space that is very helpful for dipping the different food items. Wilton chocolate pro melting chocolate wafers are also used.

Easy Useable: Use 2-4 pound of chocolate very quickly to follow the product instructions no need to add butter, oil, etc. or to temper the chocolate. You need to pour the chocolate in the machine basin at the bottom, and it will start melting and flowing smoothly. We don’t need to monitor it, but the addition of chocolate is very quick at any time.

Reusable: This device is beneficial as well as reusable. This device can open their canopies by the center tube and store it very quickly. But need to clean carefully because the electrical unit of the device must not be immersed in water; otherwise, it will cause a short circuit or some other problem.


No need to monitor constantly.

Easy adjustable from 2-4 foot.

Hold near about 2kg melted chocolate.

Well-spaced for dipping food items in all canopies.

It is available in a Non-stick, stainless steel Basin.


It takes a some time to melt the chocolate.

Hu Kitchen

Mini Chocolate Fountain

2. Wilton Small Chocolate Fountain

The next option in the list is for those struggling to find a smaller chocolate fountain option for themselves and fulfill the need we have here with Wilton Mini Chocolate Fountain.

This mini chocolate fountain’s dimensions are 7.5 x 10 x 12 inches and have a total weight of 2.35 pounds. You will also get three options, such as heat motor, temperature, and on/off button along with this device.

Moreover, within this package, you get a unique design bowl that is easy to clean, and you will never face any chocolate filling or challenging to clean issues with it.

As it is a mini chocolate fountain, this device consumes less electricity. If you are using it at higher temperature ranges, it will not use higher electricity.

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big chocolate fountain

Occupies Less Space: Due to the small size it occupies less space and can be kept anywhere easily. Its weight is also lighter. It can also take one place to another and can also be stored easily at a minimal amount of space.

Consume Less Electricity: It does not need high watt power. The temperature can be adjustable according to the need. It can be useful for a few hours for small parties. It can be connected to any plug without any problem. The heating element is 65 watts only, it’s the power supply is 110V, and the warming temperature is 140° Fahrenheit.

Adjustable Feet: It has round and adjustable feet, which prevents the device from unnecessary movements.

Capacity: It has a capacity for 500 grams of liquid chocolate and can be used for 15-20 members easily. It can be used at home also. The unit is high-speed and melts the chocolate in very little time.

Hu Kitchen

Less Costly: It is imported directly from Wilton. So, its cost is also less. Its price is only $69.99 only. It is available online to purchase with different offers.


Hold near about 500g melted chocolate.

The size of this device is 6 3/4in wide x 11in tall.

It is simple to operate.

It can be used at home for daily use.

Available in different colors and shades.

It is available in stainless steel and plastic.


Not for commercial use.

Big Chocolate Fountain

3. Nostalgia CFF1000 Fondue Fountain

Nostalgia CFF1000 Fondue Fountain is the third option from the list, available in dimensions of 8.5 x 8.5 x 17.1 inches with 5 pounds of total weight. So if you are finding a chocolate fountain under the same dimension range, then this is the most appropriate option for you.

You would be able to use this device for small or larger events efficiently. Moreover, with the help of its internal features, you would be able to increase or decrease the rate of chocolate flow depending upon your requirement.

It has a unique design that makes this product easy to use and clean. Along with that, you also get support for cascade tiers, with the help of which you can easily move it from one place to another.

Cascading Tiers: This device comes with a different number of tiers. This machine is available in 3-tiers, 4-tiers, 5-tiers. So, it contains 2-4-pound chocolate easily. These are also easy to control all the tiers. These are used for small as well as large events.

Stylish: This device is more stylish than another fountain. It refers to modern design. It does not have circular but three small rectangular sub-tiers to complete one tier.

Warranty & Returnable: This device has a full one-year warranty. Users can also return or exchange it within 30 to 90 days if there is any default in this device. It also contains a free BPA offer.

Great Value: This device is available at different cost and size with different tiers. The users rating is also suitable for this device/machine. Its rate is more than four starts.

Convenient: It is an ideal choice for big parties. Furthermore, it can also be used for ranch dressing, nacho cheese, barbecue sauce, buffalo sauce, and many more. So, this device is more beneficial than other devices.

High Quality: It also has high quality. It is made of stainless steel and plastic. It is straightforward to clean. The material of the device is made of high quality.


Its capacity is near about 800 grams and more.

It has stainless steel and lead crystal glasses.

Auger and Modern style fountain.

It has separate heat and motor heat settings.

It is available with free BPA plastic.


It creates Some noise.

Commercial Chocolate Fountain

4. ALDKitchen Chocolate Fountain

The fourth option from the list is the ALD Kitchen Chocolate Fountain, which is available in the dimensions of 22.5 x 18.5 x 11inches, and the total weight of this device is 18.7 pounds. In case if you have more significant events in some large halls or gardens, then this chocolate fountain is the most appropriate option for you.

You would get four different options within the product, such as heating motor control, On/Off controls, fuse button, and the temperature adjustment. These features help make the product easy to use, and you can make changes according to your requirements.

large chocolate fountain

Available In Different Sizes And Tiers: This machine is available in different sizes and tiers. It is available in 4-tier, 5-tier, and 7-tier. So, it can be used for both small and large chocolate fountains for events.

The Adjustable Temperature In Degrees: It has a roller button with a different degrees Celsius to adjust the temperature according to need. It also has an automatic temperature controller, heat stability, energy heating element to maintain the chocolate’s inaccurate melting form and also control not to damage the chocolate.

Suitable For A Long Time Working: This machine is suitable for at least 10 hours and more. It has a capacity of 7 pounds of melting chocolate brands.

High Quality: It also has high quality and stability. It is made of stainless steel and plastic. It is effortless to clean. The material of the device is made of high quality. It has a thick and solid body because of this long-time operation, reusability.


It is entirely made of stainless steel.

It’s motor power is DC 24 V / 60W

It is very reliable and great work.

Provided in different colours.

It contains 2.5-7 pounds of melting chocolate.

This machine is an excellent absorption of heat and easy to clean.


Little expensive

Cheap Chocolate Fountain

5. Nostalgia CFF965 Fondue Fountain

Here we have our final option from the list, which is Nostalgia CFF965 Fondue Fountain that is available in the dimensions of 11 x 11 x 27inches. Moreover, within the package, you would be able to get five tires to support, with the help of which you can move it from one place to another.

Along with that, this product and its bowls come in a modern design with the help of cleaning it easily. You can use it for more immense parties without any issues.

Available In Different Sizes And Tiers: This machine is available in different sizes and tiers. It is available in 4-tier and 5-tier but with the same height with different width. So, it can be used for both small and large events.

Great Value: This device is available at different cost and size with different tiers. The users rating is also good for this device/machine. Its rate is more than 4 stars.

Convenient: It is suitable for big parties and celebrations. We can also use ranch dressing, nacho cheese, barbecue sauce, buffalo sauce etc. So, this appliance is more valuable in comparison to other devices.

Suitable For A Long Time Working: This machine is suitable for at least 10 hours and more. It has a capacity of 7 pounds of melting chocolate for the fountain.

High Quality: It also has high quality and stability. It is made of stainless steel and plastic. It is very easy to clean. The material of the device is made of high quality. It has a thick and solid body because of this long-time operation, reusability.


Its capacity is about 11-22 lbs. And more.

It works great without any noise.

No screws are used for setting and assembling.

Its motor Power is 1.0 hp/115 volt/3.0-amp 1380 rpm/41in. Per Lb. torque.


It needed to assemble correctly.

Buying Guide Of Best Chocolate Fountain

There are some key things that buyers need to know before buying the device.


The product must be made of good quality material like stainless steel, non-stick, BPA-free plastic. The product must be cleaned and washed with dishwashers properly before use. The plastic device contains some chemical that is very harmful to health.

Heating Capacity

The device must have a good motor or heater with lesser electric watt. The device quickly heats and turns chocolate into melting liquid in a few minutes from cubes, chips, or chunks, etc. heating capacity must be accurate otherwise it will burn the chocolate and may also turn it into lumps.

Holding Capacity

A user must buy according to the guest and how long they need to run the machine because different devices have different sizes and contain the different capacity to hold the chocolate.

If the party is small or less than 50 guests, then a buyer must buy a mini chocolate fountain machine because it contains about 1 kg of melting chocolate. If larger then it must take about 2-5kg chocolate and more.

The chocolate fountain


Every user wants their product to have long durability. The user focus must be on the craftsmanship, design, materials, brand, etc. which also help to save money and time.

Levels Of Tiers

A person must buy according to the number of guests or a party. If the party is small or less than 50 guests, then a buyer must purchase a mini chocolate fountain machine.

If large parties like marriages, etc. then multi-tier or 4-7 tier chocolate fountain machines. Because if you use the small fountain in large parts it needs to monitor and add chocolate from time to time.

Cleaning Ease

Although all devices are having easy to clean features. Users must choose the device that is mainly made of material stainless steel or non-stick. Because it is widespread for the chocolate to mess/stick at the sides of the machine. Stainless steel also slides the chocolate at the slide of the bowl, which is very easy to clean afterward.


The fountain must be either stainless steel or BPA-free plastic. The plastic machine does not have long durability but less in cost and then metal. Stainless steel is less breakable than plastic. Steel also made it easy to clean. So, stainless steel is the best choice to buy then a plastic machine.

Assembly Instruction

Chocolate fountain machines work by a basin bowl in which chocolate is added to melt in the liquid from a solid one. Once it melts, it starts flowing up through the pump when users turn it ON.

After reaching the top of the crown, it starts flowing downwards to the basin bowl to preheat and restart its process and continue its cycle.

There are a lot of chances of messing up the chocolate so the buyer must buy goods quality that is easy to put together with the step by step instructions given with the device. Patience is essential to assemble this type of equipment.

Benefits Of Chocolate Fountain

There are many different types, styles, cost, designs, brands, models, and size of Chocolate fountain available in the market with different features. It is straightforward to clean and long usable without monitoring. But this needs unique brand chocolate that contains at least 32-39% butter.

One-Time Investment

Good quality chocolate fountain machines are a little costly than others because these are made of good quality material and these are long-time durable and do not need to be purchased or repaired again and again; these machines are a one-time investment.

mini chocolate fountain for sale

Attractive And Presentable

These machines are available in a different size, style, model, and design available in the market. These machines are very attractive and presentable at the parties. It also helps to impress the guests and especially children.

No Need To Monitor

These machines are used for many hours in one go. So there is no need to monitor the machine if it is according to the guest and party. But if it is small in size and guests are in a large amount that these are needed to monitor.


Because these are not needed to be monitored so guests can freely self-serviced. They can choose their items to dip in the chocolate and eat.

Temperature Adjustable System

This is one of the main benefits of this machine. With this help, the user can adjust the temperature. There are three setups in the OFF, heat, motor heat.

So preheat the machine for 10-15 minutes before adjusting the temperature when the chocolate is melted, the user needs to set it on the heat once, and then it will start automatically. It will itself melt the chocolate whenever needed.

Easy To Place Anywhere Because Of The Small Space Requirement

These machines have very little weight so it can be transferred from one place to another without any difficulty. It takes minimal space on the counter. Just need the electricity plug near it to plug in the machine wire.

fondue fountain

Instant Melting Within A Fraction Of Time

The high-quality machine has many features; this is one of them. This feature is listed in a cheap chocolate fountain also, but it is not valid. Just need to preheat the basin bowl and add chocolates in it, and it will start melting in a few seconds.

High Efficiency And Power Saving Feature

These machines benefit high user efficiency and less wastage of money, energy, electric power. These machines take a very low electric watt.

No need for the stabilizer to control the power supply. So, this also helps in reducing the electric bill or reducing wastage of a large amount of gas cylinder used in kitchens.

Build-In Level

It is one of the most convenient features of the chocolate fountain machine. Chocolate must be of valid quantity in the Basin bowl; otherwise, it will not flow in the lower cascade. It is also necessary for the user to buy specific chocolate to use in the fountain.

How To Set Up A Chocolate Fountain?

It is very easy and simple to use and assemble the setup. The following are the steps to set up the chocolate fountain.

Wash All The Parts Of The Device Before Use

Wash the device parts with hot and soapy water to remove dust/dirt when it is packed in the box after that dry them in the air.

Starting From The Bowl Of The Device

It refers to the Base Bowl in which chocolate is added. It holds a large capacity of chocolate in the whole fountain. We will add chocolate later in the after it is fully assembled before starting operating.

Auger Tube

It has an auger tube which has different parts that need to lock correctly to create a large machine. This must need to stand straight.

Attach Tiers

Different devices have different tiers with the crown on the top, which is also the top last tier. Put and lock the largest tier first to the smaller tier one by one from bottom to top with face down on auger tube. The smallest one will be at the top and called crown.

Installing Of The Auger

It looks like a corkscrew is a critical part of the fountain. Slide it downside and lock it in a clockwise direction until its resistance, which refers to correctly inspected and ready for use any time.

Test The Device

Plug the device can to electric switch and check its functioning without turning on the heat and adding the chocolate.

Check Levels

Place the device where it is needed to operate and set the Base Bowl level and adjust it so that bubbles will create on the center. The level part is challenging to arrange, so a person needs patience because it will develop problems after the flowing of chocolates starts.

Buy Chocolate

Chocolate fountain chocolate or white chocolate for fountain can’t be used of the regular brand; it must contain 32-39% cocoa butter. But to soften the texture in other chocolate, you can add 1 cup vegetable oil for the chocolate fountain in 5 pounds of chocolate may be helpful.

Check Controller Before Operating

A person must preheat the device for 10-15 minutes before adding chocolate in the Basin bowl. Some tools needed chocolate fountain melting chocolate, and some device itself had features to melt the chocolate.

Turn On

After melting the chocolate, turn on the device, set it in a heat setting and start enjoying it.

How Do I Choose A Chocolate Fondue Fountain?

The following are some pointers that the user needs to remember before choosing the fountain.


One should pick according to the number of feedings if you choose large, then necessary to show off, then it will cause a lot of waste of chocolate as well as money which a person may regret because every machine needs its minimum capacity. To reach the crown, chocolate must be its quantity; otherwise, it will not flow properly.

Adjustable Feet

The chocolate stand must be stable; otherwise, it will cause an enormous mess of the chocolate on the counter or floor. It also creates uneven flow. So, the user must choose the big chocolate fountain machine which has an adjustable feet feature. This feature is available in many ways as well as the cheaper machine. Children love chocolate very much so it will also prevent them from messing and throwing up with the machine.

Motor Noise

This is also one of the best ways to check the high or poor quality of the machine because these devices contain a motor and pump. Motor and pump help to melt the chocolate to flow upside down in a cycle. The lower quality uses inefficient and smaller engines. The motor needs to work hard to pump the melted chocolate, and this causes noise when the inefficient motor is used in the device. High-quality motors noises are very low, like someone wishes to near others.


Machines come in all different weights, tiers, and heights. To choose the best dark chocolate fountain, it must be according to need, but its weight is still less and according to tier and motor weight. Most of the machine is available between 2-5kg only. So, it is very easy to transfer the machine from one place to another without other help.

Chocolate Fountain Price

It is very important and the first point because the user can purchase according to their budget. But the user must not spend his/her budget on the machine; one must also check on the quality of the chocolate. If the chocolate quality is not good, it will also ruin your impact on the guest. But if we purchase a good quality machine at once, which is a little costly, then it is only a one-time investment. Good quality also the same money from repair or service the machine from time to time.


Going through different information and reviews of the best chocolate fountains for parties, the user has now the choice and can buy according to their needs quickly. Here also show the differences and features of the chocolate machine.

There are also different offers available in the market. If the quality is good, then it is a one-time investment. Users can purchase it with a minimum cost of EMIs.

These are very attractive and good preventative in the parties. Children love to eat chocolate. It also used to impress guests. It is also reusable and needs a very less amount of space and electricity watts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where To Buy A Chocolate Fountain?

Ans: I highly recommend you to, you can buy it online like on amazon, I recommend this because you can also check the reviews of another user to make a great choice.

Q2: What Chocolate Do You Use In The Chocolate Fountain?

Ans: The Belgian chocolate is perfect for the chocolate fountain because it melts easily at low temperatures. We also recommend to you, You can use Shapra chocolate for your fountain. Shapra makes brilliant chocolate for the chocolate fountain.

Q3: What Is The Price Of A Chocolate Fountain?

Ans: The starting cost of the chocolate fountain is 50$ and it increases by its size, Quality And especially for the brand.

Q4: It Is Safe To Use Normal Chocolate For Your Chocolate Fountain?

Ans: Yeah, you can use normal chocolate for your fountain just make sure it will melt and run easily. Become sure the flow of the fountain is smooth.

Q5: What Fruit Is Best For The Chocolate Fountain?

Ans: strawberries, bananas cherries, and raspberries are generally used for the chocolate fountain. It all is good for this but I think strawberries are the best DIPPING ITEMS for the chocolate fountain.

Q6: Do You Melt Chocolate Before Putting Chocolate Fountain?

Ans: No, You can’t melt chocolate before putting it in a chocolate fountain. First, you need to melt chocolate before placing the fountain. And the best way to melt it, you can crush the chocolate in a blender and then use Microwave and chocolate melter for melting it.