Best Mini Electric Pressure Cooker For Fast Cooking

Small Electric Pressure Cooker

For a smart and quick cooking experience, an electric pressure cooker has become important kitchenware these days. Apart from being advanced, stylish and high-tech cookware, it helps save cooking time and lets you cook almost everything in them effortlessly.

The electric pressure cookers can be used to cook a variety of meals as it has functions to steam, sauté, slow cook, pressure cook, etc without compromising on taste and making your life easier.

It’s a must-have kitchen item for every home. So, invest in a high-quality electric pressure cooker and spare some quality time for yourself and your family instead of standing in front of your stoves the entire day.

List Of The Best Power Pressure Cooker

To help you find the best electric pressure cooker for convenient and delicious cooking, we have listed our best picks:

Most Recommended Because It’s Amazing

Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1

best power pressure cooker

Cook delicious and healthy meals with this Ninja Foodi Deluxe pressure cooker that crisps. Its innovative Tender crisp technology helps you with a quick-cooking as it locks the juices and gives a golden, crispy, and air-fryer finish. You can cook up to 8 chicken breasts at once with its deluxe reversible rack.

It lets you steam and broil as well. This advanced electric pressure cooker comes with 9 functions such as Pressure Cook, Air Fry/Air Crisp, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Saute, Bake/Roast, Broil, Dehydrate and makes your cooking 70% faster than the traditional cooking methods. Enjoy large family meals or teat your guests with this amazing, instant, electric pressure cooker.

CHEF iQ World’s Smartest Pressure Cooker

best power pressure cooker

The CHEF iQ pressure cooker is made with smart and innovative technology to give you the best cooking experience. Equipped with various high-tech features like a built-in scale for easy measurement of the ingredients, auto-pressure release and more importantly, you can connect your smart cooker to the CHEF iQ App through wifi/Bluetooth.

This latest technology electric cooker gives you step-by-step video cooking instructions. You can send give detailed cooking parameters to your cooker without entering any timer or temperature settings, and your delicious meal will be ready without any effort.

You can receive updates on your smart cooker through the CHEF iQ app. This smart and high-tech cooker includes accessories like a steam rack, a steam basket that can be used for different cooking purposes.

COSTWAY 5.3 Qt Programmable Pressure Cooker

best power pressure cooker

The COSTWAY 5.3 Electric Pressure Cooker is a 12-in-1 multifunctional pot with 12 pre-setting menus. It is budget-friendly and gives you a variety of cooking choices in one pot. It can replace rice cooker, braised pot, stirred pot, oven, and electric steamer pot making it more kitchen efficient and multipurpose kitchenware.

Cook your favorite meals as per your taste with just a press of a button. The easy-to-use panel allows for quick access to pre-programmed cooking programs and complete user customization. It lets you choose food chewiness for less, usual, or more using the taste feature.

From 0 to 70kpa, adjust the cooking pressure according to your food, and its 24-hour pre-set time design allows you to enjoy the delectable food whenever you want. This electric pressure cooker would be a great choice for you to enjoy a variety of food in less time and effort.

Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

The Double Insight Inc. DBA. Manufacture this brilliant pressure cooker. It’s dyo style pressure cooker and is available in 4 different colors. It works efficiently without increasing your electricity bill and its 6-quart capacity is best for every normal size family.

This Instant pot has many amazing features and these features make it a very special and best-selling pressure cooker in the USA. It does not eliminate the nutrients of the food, rather it cooks the food well and increases the nutrients further.

It monitors pressure and adjusts the heating intensity for gives desired results. This instant pot is a certified and quality tested product. It uses modern technology with an embedded microprocessor that monitors and adjusts the pressure and temperature.

sweethome rice cooker

Best selling model: America’s most loved multi cooker, built with the latest 3rd generation technology, the microprocessor monitors pressure, temperature, keeps time and adjusts heating intensity and duration to achieve desired results every time

Cooks fast and save time: The Instant Pot Duo multi-cooker combines 7 appliances in one: Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker and warmer – and cooks up to 70% faster

Advanced safety protection – The 10+ built-in safety features, including overheat protection, safety Lock and more to ensure safe pressure cooking.


Provides uncompromised safety

Consumption of less energy

Tastier food in a few minutes (Most faster comparing to others)

automatic keep warm system

Works silently

Multi-use and multifunctional

Adjust heating intensity

Easy to clean and maintain


It is true that it has no cons.

Instant Pot LUX60V3 V3 Pressure Cooker

The Manufacturer of this product is Instant Pot. The product reviews show that it is an impressive product. This multiple-use Programmable pressure cooker works with advanced 3D microprocessor Technology. It is 6 in 1 multifunctional electric pressure cooker. Moreover, a pressure cooker with easy one-touch control. It needs a power supply of 120 Volt 60 Hertz.

The 3 ply interior bottom allows even heat distribution. This Electric cooker has an automatic temperature setting which cooks slow and efficiently preserves the warmth of the dish until it is served. It is well characterized with Anti-Block Shield, Safety Lid Lock, leakage detection program, Lid Position Detection, Automatic Temperature and press Control,Overheat Protection, Electrical and Thermal Fuse.

Moreover, the exterior part of the product is fingerprint-resistant with a large and clear display panel. It is a certified and quality tested product.

large electric pressure cooker

Cooks Fast & Saves Time: The Instant Pot Duo Multi-Cooker combines 6 Appliances in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and warmer – and cooks up to 70% faster

Advanced Safety Protection – the 10+ built-in safety features, including Overheat protection, safety lock and more to ensure safe pressure cooking.

Accessories included: Stainless steel steam rack with handles, rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup and condensation collector.

Most popular size capacity: 6-quart large capacity cooks for up to 6 people – perfect for families, and also great for meal prepping and batch cooking for singles and smaller households.


Can be used for various purposes.

Simple to use

Speeds Up cooking

Improves cooking result

It Saves energy

Adjustable temperature setting

Efficient coating without chemicals

Interior part is dishwasher-safe

Exterior fingerprint resistant

Safety Without compromise

Automatic keep warm

Most Durable


Perfect, Not cons

Cuisinart CPC-600 1000 Watt Sweethome Pressure Cooker

The Manufacturer of this product is Cuisinart. According to this electric pressure cooker reviews,the product is acceptable to the buyers. It is a Fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel electric pressure cooker with a non- stick coating.

It reduces the cooking process by 70 percent and hence saves energy. This 6-quart pressure cooker has a 99-minute timer and a precision digital thermostat that regulates the temperature automatically.

It is programmed with a easy to read LED countdown display and Push-button control for cooking options such as browning, simmering, sautéing or and warming. The product includes a trivet safe dishwasher This 1000-watt electric pressure cooker carries a 3-year limited warranty.

small electric pressure cooker

6-quart electric pressure cooker reduces cooking times by 70 percent

BPA free.Push-button controls; easy-to-read digital display; precision thermostat.

Settings for pressure cooking, browning, simmering, sauteing, and warming

Timer; cool-touch handles; nonstick dishwasher-safe cooking pot and trivet

Measures 12-1/5 by 12-1/5 by 13-1/5 inches; 3-year limited warranty


It has Cool-touch safe side handles

It Cooks fast and hotter

Includes a dishwasher safe

Automatic Keeps the food Warm

Tight seal traps heat within the cooker.

It is Safe and quality tested

Easy to clean up

Easy-to-read digital display

Countdown timer

Convenient touch-button settings

Big cooking pot

Less consumption of energy

Less usage of water

Ensures effortless cooking


Works Only Intermittantly.

Power Quick Pot Reviews

This product is Manufactured by Power Pressure Cooker XL. The power pressure cooker reviews has received positive response through the product reviews. This Power pressure cooker cooks food 10 times faster in power quick pot than a conventional pressure cooker. It features with One-Touch Preset Buttons , Non-Stick Inner Pot, Safe Lock Lid, Digital Display LCD Panel, automatic Keep Warm Mode, Slow Cooker Option, and various other Built-In features.

It is further characterized by Flavour Infusion Technology which efficiently keeps intact the essential nutrients, vitamins and fiber in the food and provides desired tasty meals. It infuses raw food by trapping the superheated steam with less use of water oil. The removable inner pot within the power cooker is dishwasher safe. It is an economical and durable product.

best rated electric pressure cooker

Power Cooking: The Power Pressure Cooker XL locks in precious nutrients and vitamins in the food, infuses meat and seafood with intense flavor without added fat, and makes vegetable tender-crisp, keeping fibers intact.

Flavor: succulent, slow-cooked meals, 10 times faster. The Power Pressure Cooker XL saves time and Energy. It’s economical since it cooks even cheaper cuts of meat to juicy perfection.

Air-tight: the secret is the power pressure cooker xls air-tight lid. It locks into place, trapping super-heated steam inside. The hyper-pressurized environment forces liquid and moisture into your food, locking in loads of intense flavor and essential nutrients.


It Saves time and energy

Automatic keep warm feature

The inner pot is dishwasher safe

It is easy to clean-up

Less use of water

Cooks fast and hotter

It has a Airtight safe lid

Less usage of fat

Recipe book is provided

The slow cooking option is given

Flavour Infusion Technology

It is economical


Pulls little high electricity to operate.

Yedi 9-in-1 8 Quart XL Digital Pressure Cooker

The Manufacturer of this product is YEDI HOUSEWARE. The product has received a positive and satisfactory response from the buyers. This XL-sized 8-quart helps in cooking meals for a large family in minutes. The pressure cooker has 3 ply interior bottom which allows even heat distribution.

It is 9 in 1 multi-functional electric pressure cooker with 15 instant-touch microprocessor cooking program that allows to pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, bake, warm, pasteurize, make yogurt, etc. This big stainless steel pressure cooker can prepare two dishes at one time. A stainless-steel steamer basket is included with the product. It is a certified and quality tested versatile and healthy product.

electric pressure cooker reviews

Power Cooking: The Power Pressure Cooker XL locks in precious nutrients and vitamins in the food, infuses meat and seafood with intense flavor without added fat, and makes vegetable tender-crisp, keeping fibers intact.

Flavor: succulent, slow-cooked meals, 10 times faster. The Power Pressure Cooker XL saves time and Energy. It’s economical since it cooks even cheaper cuts of meat to juicy perfection.

DELUXE ACCESSORY KIT: Included is a tempered glass lid (perfect for slow cooking and sautéing) 2 egg racks/steaming trivets, ladle, rice paddle, cooking mitts, extra silicone sealing ring, stainless steel steaming basket, stainless steel inner cooking pot and a measuring cup.


It saves time & energy

Preserves nutrients in food

best digital pressure cooker

Deluxe accessory kit is included.

Cooks food for large family

2 dishes at once feature

No need to buy extra accessories

Automatic temperature and pressure control

Smart locking sensors

Reliable block Shields

Smart and digital LCD panel

It is easy to use.

Inner pot is Dishwasher-safe


little expensive but perfect for lergest famly

Crock-Pot 8-Quart Multi-Use XL Pressure Cooker

The Manufacturer of this product is Crock-pot. The product reviews of this good pressure cooker are quite impressive. It is a versatile and compact kitchen appliance that enables you to serve home-cooked delicious meals for family or parties of multiple people. You can easily and fast cook meats, soups, grains, etc.

This 8 in 1 spacious cooker can slow cook, brown, sauté, pressure cook, sim, boil, and steam. It comes with one-touch settings and Manual Pressure that allows you to set the cooking time for either high or low pressure.

The inner pot, with non-stick coating, is dishwasher safe. The product comes with exclusive accessories such as recipe book, steaming rack, and a serving spoon. Overall, the Crock-Pot pressure cooker is an economical and durable electric pressure cooker.

top rated electric pressure cooker

Spacious 8-quart size feeds 10 plus people, making it a time-saving appliance for larger families or entertaining.

All in 1 appliance with additional functions like Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Brown, Sauté, Steam, as well as Boil and Simmer.

Make a variety of quick, healthy meals at the touch of a button, like a chili, soups, grains, and more by using any of the convenient 1 touch meal settings.

Nonstick cooking pot resists stuck on food and is dishwasher safe, simplifying your cleanup and making it great for 1 pot cooking


Easy-to-use digital control

Fast pressure cooker

spacious 8-quart capacity

quick to feed multiple people at a time

Prepare a variety of meals

Convenient and reliable

Safe with airtight locking lid

Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

It Cooks foods gently and slowly.

Non-stick pot resists to stuck-on food


It’s big size is only for large family.

COSORI Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Qt 8-in-1

The Manufacturer of this product is COSORI. The product reviews reveal a satisfactory response from the customers. This All-in-one premium (3rd Generation) pressure cooker features with an unlock indicator that notifies you if the cooker is not locked.

Food in a pressure cooker is cooked faster and further allows you to Bake, Sauté, Brown, Boil, Steam, Pressure Cook or Slow Cook according to your dish requirement. You can easily cook food in this electric pressure cooker and serve your family gatherings.

It is further characterized by an excess temperature Monitor, Micro Limit Switch Protection, intuitive Controls, and Customizable Programs that allows adjusting the temperature, pressure, and cooking time. It is an economical, durable, Certified and quality tested kitchen appliance. The manufacturers have provided a one year warranty and lifetime support for the convenience of the buyers.

best power pressure cooker

Spacious 8-quart size feeds 10 plus people, making it a time-saving appliance for larger families or entertaining.

All in 1 appliance with additional functions like Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Brown, Sauté, Steam, as well as Boil and Simmer.

Make a variety of quick, healthy meals at the touch of a button, like a chili, soups, grains, and more by using any of the convenient 1 touch meal settings.

Quick Adjustments: Adjust your cooking settings on-the-fly, even if you’ve already started cooking.


All-in-one pot

Free CosorI Online Recipes

Quick adjustments.

Micro Limit Switch Protection

Quick to feed multiple people

It has a Modern exterior

Comes with 1-year warranty

Lifetime support from company

Anti-Clog Protection

Enables 70% faster cooking

Eco-friendly cooker emits no steam

No chemical coating


It need little high electricity

Tramontina Pressure Cooker Multi-Use Electric Programmable...
29 Reviews
Tramontina Pressure Cooker Multi-Use Electric Programmable...
  • Includes: 6.3 Qt/ 6 L Pressure Cooker, Nonstick Inner Pot, Rice Measuring Container, Serving Utensils
  • Stainless Steel boy with Locking Cover
  • Seven Pre-Programmed "Quick Cook" Modes (Soup/Stew, Fish/Vegetable, Meat, Beans, Brown Rice, Chicken & Chili)

How To Pick The Best Electric Pressure Cooker

Safety Features

The manufacturers have carefully taken safety as their priority concern. All of the Top Rated pressure cookers are safe appliances due to the following features :

1. Dishwasher safe

2. airtight locking lid

3. Automatic thermostat control

4. Effective locking sensors

5. Anti-block Shields

Materials of Construction

A pressure cooker is made of either stainless steel or aluminum alloy. Electric pressure cookers are mainly constructed of stainless steel material with a non-stick coating pot and 3 ply bottom for even heat distribution. Stainless steel is not as reactive as aluminum. They keep intact the essential nutrients and flavor of the food. Non-stick cooking pot resists sticking of food on the base of the appliance.

Pressure Cooker Capacity

The size of a pressure cooker depends on the usage and number of feeding members. If you have a small family, a 6-quart pressure cooker is a good option. On the other hand, if you have a large family to feed for, then you would need a top pressure cooker larger than 8 quarts.

Stay Away from Non-stick Inner Pots

You are advised to stay away from non-stick inner pots of electric pressure cooker due to the following reasons

As the Non-stick inner pots are exposed to high heat and pressures, the non-stick layer begins to peel off and become inefficient after a while.

Some of the non-stick coatings can flake into your food.

layers of food may start to build up due to scratches on its surface.

They have to be taken more care of while cleaning.

fast pressure cooker

Should be Dishwasher Suitable

Prospective buyers are suggested to buy an electric pressure cooker which is dishwasher safe. This is an essential feature that is overlooked by buyers. Their accessories and the lid have to washed-up but it should be noted that the housing and it’s electrical components should not be washed under running water.

Heat-Resistant Handles

Your electric pressure cooker should have heat resistant handles to prevent burns that may be caused while holding onto the hot grip. A user-friendly cooker will generally have heat-resistant handles.

Choosing A Brand

Maximum is washed pressure cooker reviews of a particular product exhibit the popularity of that brand.  Instant Pot, Cuisinart, Yedi houseware, Crock-Pot, Power, COSORI, are well-known brands that manufacture multifunctional pressure cookers.

Cooking Baskets And Racks.

Yedi houseware has introduced a deluxe accessory kit with a large electric pressure cooker product. The Deluxe accessory kit includes a glass lid, streaming basket, recipe book, racks, inner cooking pot, cooking mitts, sealing ring, paddle, ladle, and a measuring cup

digital pressure cooker

What Size Is Best For A Pressure Cooker?

A Pressure cooker is available online and in stores in different sizes and models. You can opt to buy the best small pressure cooker or large electric pressure cooker according to your preference, utility, and affordability.

How Does An Electric Pressure Cooker Work?

The invention of instant cookers has made our cooking process, a hassle-free household chore. Electric pressure cookers are incorporated into three basic components:

1. Inner pressure pots

2. The cooker base

3. Safe Lock lid

The working of the pressure cookers electric procedure goes through these three components as follows:

1. Inner pressure cook pot is a removable vessel used for cooking. On heating, the water or liquid inside the pressure cooker inner pot begins to boil and give rise to steam which creates pressure.

2. he cooker base works with advanced 3D microprocessor Technology, Temperature Monitor, intuitive Controls, and Customizable programs which allows to automatically regulate the cooker’s pressure & temperature.

3. You can select your desired cooking options i.e. Less, Normal, and More Temperature Settings to Bake, Sauté, Brown, Boil, Steam, Pressure Cook or Slow Cook according to your need.

4. Select the required cooking time or press ‘Adjust’ to opt for pre-programmed cooking time.

5. Press ‘Pressure/Temp’ to activate the required pressure level and temperature range. Press’ – ‘and ‘ +’ to adjust between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

6. Press ‘On/Start’ to begin with your cooking. Even distribution of heat and a maintained stable temperature results in precise cooking.

7. The essential nutrients, vitamins, and fiber in the food will remain intact with the Safe Lock Lid. It will infuse raw food by trapping the superheated steam and prepare your tasty meals.

8. In case the lid is not closed properly, the inbuilt unlock indicator of the pressure cooker will notify you that the cooker is not locked.

9. Finally, when the cooking is complete, the pressure cooker will beep three times and it will switch to Automatic Keep Warm mode.

10. In between, if any risky conditions are detected, the cooker will beep and cut off power to the heating element.

top rated electric pressure cooker

Functions Of Electric Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooking

The electric pressure cooker has an airtight lid and sealed pot which locks and traps the steam inside. It builds up high-pressure that suitably infuses raw food without much fat and makes tender vegetables.

Slow Cooking

Highest rated pressure cooker has introduced a Simmer option on the Smart and digital LCD panel. It allows to cook your meal gently and gradually. Slow cooking is used to thicken sauces or to infuse meat or seafood.

Rice Cooking

Cooking rice in an electric pressure cooker is simple. You will have to add a 1:1 ratio of water and rice into the cooking pot. And Accordingly, set the adequate temperature and time according to the quality of the grain. The Smart Program will cook the rice for you perfectly.


To bake in the electric pressure cooker, you will have to pour some water in the inner pot and set the metal trivet on the bottom to avoid direct contact, of your batter or food item, with the insert. Tighten the lid and set the cake program setting. At the right time, your baking will be done.

automatic pressure cooker


Instant pot or pressure cooker is equipped with a sautéing feature which may be used to thicken the sauce or brown meat. Sautéing or browning of food is done with less about of oil at high warmth. The lid has to be kept open while this 30-minute Sautéing process.


For steaming in the steamer pressure cooker, add some water in the inner pot and then place stainless steel steaming basket or trivet at the bottom. Add veggies or food and then place the airtight lid over it. The steaming process will take 5-10 min.

Yogurt Making

The best programmable pressure cooker comes with yogurt key function. Add milk in the cooker and select sauté till the milk boils. Sprinkle milk out of the pressure cooker into a heat-proof container and let the milk cool down. Pour the milk back to cooker pot with yogurt mixture and place the lid. Select yogurt key and your yogurt would be soon ready to serve.


It is easy to warm food. You will have to sprinkle a few drops of oil in the cooking pot. Then, add the food material that has to be heated. Place the airtight lid over it and Set the timer to 10 minutes at high pressure. The steam will release in a few minutes and your warm food would ready to serve.

Sous Vide

Sous Vide is a cooking process when we place the food item in a plastic pouch vacuum packed and cook it in a water bath for a particular time and temperature.

You will have to prepare a water bath first by adding sufficient water in the pot and let it heat. Now place the ingredients in a Sous Vide bag and cook it in a water bath at a medium-high or low temperature.

Benefits Of Using A Pressure Cooker

Demand for electric pressure cooker has considerably increased during the past few years due to the following Pressure cooker benefits :

Multiple Cooking

Generally, all the latest cookers available in the stores are multifunction pressure cookers. They have the features of slow cooking, pressure cooking, steaming, sautéing, and cooking rice. The higher-rated models have extra features such as 2 dishes at once feature, Browning, making yogurt, or cooking brown rice.


Manufacturers have provided exclusive accessories with the household electric appliances. Yedi Houseware has introduced a Deluxe accessory kit with a 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker. The accessories include a glass lid, steaming baskets, Recipe book, trivet, inner cooking pot, cooking mitts, sealing ring, Paddle, ladle and a  measuring cup

Variety of Meals

You can try your favorite recipes in these electric cookers and serve multiple people at one time. It enables you to cook delicious and healthy food.

Easy To Use

They are equipped with improved and sophisticated features that are easy to use. The smart LCD digital panel, automatic warm mode, one-touch feature, easy-to-read pressure indicators, and manuals make the cooking a convenient chore

pressure cooker slow cooker combo

Saves Energy And Time

Electric pressure is eco-friendly and energy-efficient as they help to save about  70 % of the fuel while cooking. Quickly adjustable features save time also.

Instant Pot Safety Features

They are certified and quality tested appliances with airtight smart safe locking lid. In case the lid is not closed properly or if any other risky condition arises, the inbuilt unlock indicator of the pressure cooker will notify, beep and cut off power to the heating element

Modern Kitchen

These appliances are the latest innovative technology pressure cookers which give a standardized and modular look to your kitchen.

Flavour Infusion Technology

The best Power pressure cooker works silently and locks in flavor. It preserves nutrients and vitamins by trapping high heated steam inside the pressure cooking pot.

Types Of Pressure Cooker

Innumerable pressure cookers are available in the market or online in different sizes, prices, brands, and models.

Pressure cooker types on the basis of their generation

First-generation pressure cooker: These are noisy traditional cookers with wobbling caps and fewer safety features.

second-generation pressure cooker: These are advanced and spring-loaded pressure cookers.

3rd Generation pressure cooker: These are the electric pressure cookers with advanced and innovative technology. For example Tramontina electric pressure cooker.

Pressure cooker types on the basis of material

Hard-Anodized Cookers: These cookers are thermally efficient which heat up fast. They sustain the nourishing characteristic of the eatables. It is a durable product

Stainless Steel Cookers: They are expensive, Shiny, and durable cookers but the material used is not a good conductor of heat.

Aluminum Cookers: Aluminium, being a good conductor of heat, is considered an ideal material for a cooker. It is reasonably priced.

Non-stick pressure cooker: There is less usage of oil in pressure Cookers with non-stick coating. They bring out the rich taste and ensures quick cooking.

Classification Of The Pressure Cooker On The Basis Of Their Feature

Stovetop pressure cooker: These pressure cookers are versatile and can run on gas, electricity, or induction.

Electric pressure cooker: They have multiple automatic settings and can be run on electricity only.

Electric vs stovetop pressure cooker: Although electric and stovetop pressure cookers both are productive and beneficial, yet they differ in the following ways :

Power source: Stovetop pressure cookers can work on gas, electricity, induction, ceramic or glass stoves whereas the electric pressure cooker runs on electricity only

Control programming: Stovetop pressure cooker can not be customized, as the pressure level inside the pot cannot be assessed accurately. On the other hand, electric cookers are available with automatic customized programming.

Risk factor: Stovetop cookers can be risky if the high-pressure level created within the cooker, doesn’t get released by the knob. Whereas best rated electric pressure cooker comes with certain safety trait but, being an electric product, they are susceptible to short circuits.

Durability: Stovetop pressure cookers are more durable than the electric cookers because an electronic product has its own limitations and they may lose the heating capacity due to regular wear and tear.

Cost: Comparatively, electric pressure cookers are expensive as they provide many exclusive additional features in the pretext of safety, maintenance, and automatic programs.

Multi-Purpose: Unlike stovetop cookers, the new electric pressure cookers have the features of slow cooking, pressure cooking, steaming, sautéing, and cooking stovetop pressure cooker brown rice.

Storage: Stovetop pressure cookers can be stored with other cooking pots and pan. However, electric cookers occupy greater space and cannot be stored in cupboards.

Buying Guide For Best Electric Pressure Cookers

It is a tough task to compare pressure cookers among the thousands of cookers available online and in stores. This buyer guide intends to assist you to make the right choice for expending for the right pressure cooker.

Following Points Should Be Considered :

Quantity of food: If the number of people to be fed is less, you should buy a mini electric pressure cooker otherwise you can buy an electric pressure cooker of higher feeding capacity.

Pressure level: For quick-cooking, you are suggested to opt for an electric pressure cooker with high psi.

Safety: Safety features should never be overlooked. Modern pressure cooker electric provides safety aspects such as unlock indicator, temperature monitor, safety locking lid, etc.

Type of material: Electric pressure cookers are available in stainless steel or non-stick substance. Modern electrical pressure cookers are stainless steel with non-stick coating which is easy  to clean-up

Warranty: Manufacturers provide a warranty term with their product. Some of the electric pressure cookers come with a lifetime warranty offer.

Instant pot multi-use Programmable pressure cooker: It works silently with an embedded microprocessor. It is easy to clean, use and maintain

Cuisinart electric pressure cooker: It is perfectly programmed with an LED countdown display and a convenient touch button control for cooking options. It ensures effortless cooking.

Power pressure cookers: It features with auto keep warm mode, digital display panel, and flavor infusion technology. It is an economical product

Yedi instant pressure cooker: It has a 2 dish at once healthy feature. It contains a Deluxe accessory kit, smart-looking sensors, and Anti- Block Shield, smart digital LCD panel, and instant touch microprocessor program.

Crockpot multi-use pressure cooker: It provides easy to use digital control of various options to slow cook, brown, Sauté, pressure cooker, sim, boil, and steam.

Consort electric pressure cooker: It features unlock indicators,  temperature monitor, and customized programming. It is an eco-friendly, all -in- one cooker with a modern exterior.


It has been clearly stated that these cookers are ideal for your sweet home. But before investing your hard-earned money on the new pressure cooker, you should carefully go through the warranty and ‘buying guide’, manuals and features of the various well-known pressure cooker brands.

Make sure that the best pressure cooker on the market, that you have chosen carries a specific warranty and support for any replacement part that you might need in the future. Although producers have ensured uncompromised safety and satisfactory service for you, yet you should carefully and confidently take your decision so that, you can cook your favorite recipes in a style.!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Pressure Cooker?

The best pressure cooker is the one that is versatile, economical, durable, and safe to cook your favorite easy pressure cooker meal conveniently. The best pressure cooker has been crafted by various brands such as Instant pot, Crock-Pot, Cuisinart, Yedi and Power Pressure Cooker XL

When To Use Low Pressure On Pressure Cooker?

Low-pressure settings can be used on your pressure cooker when you have to cook food gently and simmer. Such settings are ideal to thicken sauces, boil eggs, trout, salmon, etc.

Why Use A Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is one of the most necessary household appliances in this instant modern era. It cut short your cooking time, saves energy and efficiently assists in cooking a healthy meal with rich flavor for multiple numbers of people.

How To Use A Stovetop Pressure Cooker?

Using a stovetop pressure cooker is an easy process. Firstly, add food with some liquid into the pot and close the lid.

Then, select adequate pressure setting and keep the flame to high or medium according to the food texture. Set the cooking timer and later release the pressure.

What Size Pressure Cooker Do I Need?

The size of the pressure cooker you will need depends upon the number of members you have to feed. Four to six-quarts is sufficient for a nuclear family. Otherwise, you can opt to buy a larger size multi-cooker to cook for multiple numbers of members.

How Much Electricity Does A Crock Pot Use?

A Crockpot is a  slow cooker and energy-efficient appliance. The consumption of energy is measured in watts. Larger the crockpot cooker, the greater the watts are used. The average consumption of a Crock-Pot pressure cooker is around 250 watts.

How To Cook Rice In Electric Pressure Cooker?

Cooking rice in an electric pressure cooker is effortless. You will have to add a 1:1 ratio of water and rice into the Natural pressure release instant pot. And Consequently, set the adequate temperature and time according to the quality of the grain. The Smart Program will cook the rice for you perfectly.

How Much Water In Pressure Cooker?

An adequate amount of water should be added in the pressure cooker because an excess of water or less amount of water, can ruin the whole recipe. Manufacturers have suggested filling 1/2of the pot with liquid for cooking beans, rice, grains, etc. and 2/3 for other food items.