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The cooking torch generally uses for melting the cheese and before doing it the cheese becomes more crispy and delicious. it’s one of the favorite tools of professional chefs. The August von Marquardt have invented this cooking torch in between 1797 to 1799 since.

It can be used to bring out textures and flavors in the food that we cook. The kitchen torches can also do other things like charring the exteriors of frozen steaks, crafting Sous vide steak. Smoking herbs to bring out their flavors, burning vegetables like peppers and tomatoes, crisping bacon for breakfast, toasting marshmallows during camping. To sophisticated brown desserts like Baked Alaska and meringues, etc.

List Of Best Cooking Torch To buy 

Here is the list of the 5 best cooking torches for you to buy torches in 2020. The product description, features, pros, and cons of the kitchen torch review also included

➀ Jo Chef Kitchen Torch

The jo chef is the largest brand of kitchen torch & tool (The favorite option of professional chefs). This touch also gets the best selling and amazon choice award 2 months ago. This torch provides you the most powerful flam and it’s also easy to refill. The 50+ mouthwatering recipes ebook are absolutely free with it.

Most Recommended Because It’s Amazing

The Ultimate Culinary Accessory: With the JoChef Professional Cooking Torch, you can savor the rich and delicious flavors of well-prepared meals in your own home. Whether you’re an expert chef or learning cooking and baking. This culinary blowtorch will allow you to make enticing meals. The research with a variety of meal prep methods from brazing meats to golden pastries.

Unparalleled Safety: This culinary torch passed through rigorous 3rd party testing to make sure it meets industry standard safety guidelines. This refillable butane kitchen torch comes equipped with a safety lock and a flame adjuster, for optimal precision and control.

True Versatility: This kitchen torch can fulfill a variety of needs. It used for soldering, DIY projects, you can use it to experiment with new and exciting recipes.


It comes with a safety lock.

It has a flame adjuster to adjust the flame.

I have used for baking, Barbeque, cooking.

This is a refillable kitchen torch.

It is the best blowtorch for cooking

This torch powered by butane.

It is weightless.

It is versatile.

It is safe for use.

This torch is a Culinary kitchen torch.

It is a high-powered temperature up to 2,500°F.


Butane gas not provided with the package.

➁ Sondiko Culinary Blow Torch Refillable

Sondiko manufactures this kitchen torch. Sondiko is one of the best kitchen torches brand. The package dimension of this product is 6.8 x 5 x 2.8 inches. The item weight of this kitchen torch is 10.4 ounces.

This product’s ASIN number is B07L8YPYQK. The Best Sellers Rank of this product is #780 in Kitchen & Dining and #2 in Cooking Torches. It first listed on Amazon on 10th Dec 2018.

Safe & Durable: With safety, the lock prevents accidental ignition, and a comprehensive set base helps to prevent it from falling over. The long-angled nozzle and burn-free finger guard retain your hand safely away from the flame. Made with robust Aluminium alloy body for long-lasting performance.

Great Gift & Versatile: Ideal for caramelizing sugar atop creme brulee, glazing a baked ham, searing a steak, roasting bell peppers, melting the cheese and toasting breadcrumbs.

Additionally, beneficial for lighting fixtures your fire, candles or cigars, for a hobby, arts and crafts projects, rings making, welding, for a couple of camping packages, dabs, and much more significant.


It is a compact device.

It also refers to a gas torch for cooking.

It has a flame adjustment feature.

It is easy to operate.

It has a safety lock.

It is refillable.

It is a baking torch.


Butane gas not included with the product.

➂ Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch

AUTH Enzo manufactures this kitchen torch. AUTH Enzo is one of the best kitchen torches brand. The package dimension of this product is 5.1 x 2.4 x 6.3 inches. The item weight of this kitchen torch is 10.4 ounces. This product’s ASIN number is B07CWKNM5W. The Best Sellers Rank of this product is #2,887 in Kitchen & Dining and #6 in Cooking Torches.

Professional Quality Culinary Torch: It is proper for expert and creative house cooks. It broadly used in the processing of delicious caramel desserts, meat barbecue, cigar lighter and, tiny handicrafts. It is one of the best professional culinary torches.

Refillable and Adjustable Culinary Torch: The adjustable flame heat temperature can reach up to 1300 c/2500 F to meet several needs. This product does not include butane fuel, so you need to buy 8-10g butane gas with filling capacity.

Refillable & Easy to Operate: You have to refill the culinary torch with butane. You need to slide the security lock to open, then press the button, and the flame lit. The manipulation is smooth and precise.

This cooking torch is composed of a security lock to prevent incorrect operation and accidental ignition. It made of durable aluminum alloy metal body and non-slip grip, for long-lasting use.


It is simple to use.

It can be refilled.

It has a security lock.

It is reliable.

It is lightweight.

It powered by butane.

It also called the cooking flame torch.


Butane gas has to be purchased separately, as it is not included.

➃ Kollea Blow Kitchen Torch

Kollea manufactures this kitchen torch. Kollea is one of the best kitchen torches brand. The package dimension of this product is 8.7 x 5.8 x 2.5 inches. The item weight of this kitchen torch is 13.6 ounces. This product’s ASIN number is B07MP2142H. The Best Sellers Rank of this product is #5,718 in Kitchen & Dining and #11 in best Cooking Torches. It first listed on Amazon on 29th Dec 2018.

Professional Grade Torch: This Kollea butane cooking torch is the perfect cooking device for expert chefs or passionate bakers. It is referring to a chef blow torch. It provides full flame with consistency and safety for all types of culinary applications

Adjustable Flames And Refillable: This butane torch lighter traits an adjustable gas dial and lets you adjust the size of the flame quickly. This butane torch can inflate out a consistent fire up to 6 inches long with a maximum temperature at 2500℉ for up to 60 minutes. It is refillable with butane gas.

Safe: This cooking torch emphasizes anti-flare technology in the neck, making it safe to use without the risk of a flame burning the hand that holds it. It also has Piezo press ignition technology for fast, reliable, immediate lighting

Versatile Use With Ease: The starting flame of this torch is as simple as pressing safety lock and ignition button. With the high temperature, this kitchen torch used for Crème Brûlée, tuna melt, grilling peppers, lighting a cigar, browning meringue, finish a gratin, toasting marshmallows, throwing an s’ mores party, bar cocktail, etc.


It is a convenient device.

It has a refillable feature

It has a protective lock.

It is dependable.

It is a simple torch.

It functions by butane gas.


It is not lightweight

The product doesn’t include butane gas.

➄ Kollea Cooking Torch With Safety Lock

Kollea manufactures this kitchen torch. Kollea is one of the best kitchen torches brand. The package dimension of this product is 6.7 x 4.9 x 2.5 inches. The item weight of this kitchen torch is 9.4 ounces. This product’s ASIN number is B07RKVHJH6. The Best Sellers Rank of this product is #988 in Kitchen & Dining and #3 in Cooking Torches. It first listed on Amazon on 5th May 2019.

Safe and Durable: This kitchen torch comes with a safety lock that restricts accidental ignition and misused by children. The ergonomic design of this torch provides support to your hand and keep away from the flame. It made of aluminum alloy for long-lasting use. It is also hand torch.

Refillable and Portable: Korea butane torch refilled after running out of use, refillable with butane gas with long nozzle only. This lightweight blow torch is very transportable for outdoor activities like camping and BBQ

For Your Convenience: This kitchen torch light up with Piezo Ignition Technology. You need to press the ignition button after opening the safety lock, turn the safety lock clockwise at the same time. The flame continues burning with no need to keep pushing the button, free your finger. Then turn the safety lock counterclockwise, and the fire goes out

Versatile of Applications: The power of the light (max. 2500℉) is adjustable so that you can adjust it according to the intended programs together with cooking, baking, soldering,jewellerywelry, barbecuing or tenting.


It can be used effortlessly.

It is the best handheld torch.

It requires refilling.

It comes with a safety lock.

It is a durable product.

It has less weight

It operated by butane.


Butane gas is not comprised along with the product

Buying Guide of A Kitchen Torch

Read on to the next section to evaluate what things you should look for in a great kitchen torch and what are the standards that will help you to make the perfect choice among these kitchen torches. Where can I buy a kitchen torch?

Features for safety

The kitchen torches must have a safety feature. The kitchen torches generate flames of high temperatures such as 1430 degree Celsius (2,610 F). This temperature is enough to melt organic substances such as sugar and cheese or char the skin of a vegetable. 

The kitchen torches should have a safety lock to prevent accidental combustion of the flame. Another feature is the finger guard. This feature is not present in all kitchen torches. If you are going to use the kitchen torch for a long time, then it is best to purchase the one that has a finger guard.

It will guard your hand against the heat of the flame. Many of the kitchen torches come with a base which may or may not be removable. It makes sure the core is hard so that the torch can stand on the table stably when it not used.


The Culinary torches need fuel to produce the flame. If you opted for the Culinary torches, then select the easily refillable ones. Generally, there are two types of kitchen torches; the one with a refill tank and another one without a refill tank. The ones that have a refill tank are more common and required refilling from time to time.

You should opt for a kitchen torch with a fuel gauze window if you want to see how much fuel is left inside; that allows you to check the fuel level inside. The ones without a refill tank are portable and useful.  Purchase a kitchen torch without a container if you are going to a place where you can easily buy separate canisters.

Most of the kitchen torches require butane, but some also allow propane gas filed instead. Another thing to look after in this regard is the capacity of the fuel tank. If you choose a kitchen torch for heavy-duty applications, it is better to opt for tanks. It can contain a more significant amount of fuel inside. It is efficient in combusting the fuel.

Design and material

The Sine kitchen torches are handheld gadgets. They must have an ergonomic design that conveniently held. It can be operated swiftly, with controls that are located close by every other so that they are all inside your fingers’ reach.

The design must not be bulky or hard to grip. These designs typically made of distinct metals, alloys, or plastic, so make sure you pick out the type of material that you prefer the most. The nozzle made of a material that is resistant to the excessive temperature of the flame and chemical damage, such as high-quality stainless steel, irrespective of the base or handle.

kitchen torch review

How Does A Kitchen Torch Work?

We have described the working process of Kitchen Torch in the three following steps


Fill the blowtorch for cooking with the lighter fuel such as butane or propane. Before filling the blowtorch double-check the ON/OFF valve is OFF, so it doesn’t get ignited accidentally. Turn the device upside down. Then put the fill stem of the lighter fuel into the fill valve and push down for several seconds until it makes a hissing sound. Keep filling the pipe until a spray comes out, which makes sure the blowtorch is full.Remember, butane lighter fluid is sold separately so remember to buy the butane fuel along with the torch.


Always endure the responsibility to ignite the flame away from any food. Make sure nothing is blocking the blow torch so the gas can leave the valve safely. Turn the ON/OFF valve until the hissing sound comes out of the burner then push the red ignition button to light the flame instantly. Customize the torch to create a short, dark blue flame before putting it above the food.


Turn the ON/OFF knob clockwise till it won’t turn any further and double-check there’s no gas emitting from the valve. Wait until the blowtorch is cool to touch before keeping it away.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Torch

To pick the perfect kitchen torch that will suit your cooking and lifestyle needs, here are some essential points to consider.

Ergonomic Handle

A kitchen torch must have an ergonomic design with a handle that feels strong and comfortable in your hand. It permits you to keep a proper secure grip while you produce a glaze on a Crème Brulee or join a piece of steel for homemade jewelry.

Burn time

The burn time associates how long the flame can ignite on a full tank of butane. Most torches furnish a flash can burn consistently for 30 to 60 minutes. However, some high-powered torches like the Iwatani can ignite for 1 hour and 50 minutes. The BonJour kitchen torch has the highest burn time of 3 hours!

Flame Adjustment

You can adjust the size of the flame to suit your cooking tasks by improving the flow of fuel, which additionally helps you to keep on gasoline. The fire must not be too large as it can be unsafe and spoil your food, so the ideal flame must be narrow, short, and blue.

Safety Features

The kitchen torch must-have safety features like

A sturdy and sturdy nozzle that made of metal-like die-cast aluminum or stainless metal that can take the excessive warmth temperatures that kitchen torches produce. Safety lock buttons that lock the ignition gadget and eliminates the hazard of igniting the gasoline accidentally. A handguard protects your fingers from getting burnt. A flame defends the fire from flaring when you regulate the cooking torch fuel to trade the flame’s energy or shape. A vital tip to prevent gasoline leakage is to take a look at that the head of the torch tightly winded onto the gasoline canister.

Hands-free Base

A sturdy stand or topple-free base lets you keep the torch securely on the countertop. You are now not using it and allows for hands-free operation while you work on your culinary creations.


Not all kitchen torches have this function, but a fuel gauge is a superb idea as it indicates you when you are low on fuel. It is very accessible if you need to use the torch for a lengthy time.


The significance of a warranty can never be stressed enough. Warranties can vary from a 90-day money-back assurance to a 1, 3 or 5-year warranty or even a restricted lifetime warranty.

propane torch for cooking

Benefits of Best Cooking Torch

Cooking torches reviews are helpful tools to have in any kitchen, especially for unskilled house cooks. It is also called torch cook. Here are some benefits that you will experience from a good, high-quality small kitchen torch.

High heat output

Cooking torches are meant to produce a scorching flame. MAPP torches usually ignite hotter than other sorts of kitchen torches. It torches fired by kitchen propane fuel. Butane can also produce suitably hot sparks of your cooking needs.


Despite its name, the Crème Brulee torch is excellent for more numerous than just caramelizing sugar on top of desserts. This blowtorch can also be used to cook cheese on pizza and casseroles, roast peppers and tomatoes, and harden the surface of steaks that have been cooked sous vide. You can use the kitchen torch to get sure that you certainly create a wide variety of dishes.

Easy to use

Kitchen torches ergonomically designed so that these tools handled efficiently. These torches are simple to grip and lightweight, making them easy to manage over the surface of multiple dishes. Many of these torches have a tool that lets you alter the gas flow and regulate the torch’s flame. A kitchen torch fuel level gauge also lets you know when the torch requires a refill.


Due to their purpose, cooking torches or Crème Brulee torches customarily provided with safety features, including a safety lock. Kitchen torches also usually meet CPSC Child Safety Requirements to assure that children in the house abide safe.


Now which you are acquainted with the features, pros, and cons top kitchen torches that are available on the market. They have an in-depth idea of what to look for when it comes to choosing the best flame for cooking. You are ready to pick up your kitchen torch and ignite your passion for cooking. It refers to a propane torch for food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Kitchen Torch?

Ans. You can buy a kitchen torch online from Amazon. There are thousands of kitchen torches available on Amazon. You can buy a kitchen torch according to your requirement from Amazon.

How to Use A Kitchen Torch?

Ans. A kitchen torch used in several ways to add a professional finishing touch to your food. You can use it to Caramelise sugar, lightly toast meringues, warm-up knives, sear meat, skin peppers, and tomatoes, also to release baked and frozen products from molds and tins.

Different Types of Torches.

Ans. The different kitchen torches are Sondiko Culinary Torch, Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch, Kollea Blow Kitchen Torch. You can select any of these kitchen torches. They are best in price.

Where to buy fuel?

Ans. Most of the kitchen torches are sold online without fuel. You have to buy fuel separately. Butane gas is available in kitchen specialty stores, grocery stores, outdoor pro shops. It is also available at home improvement chains like Home Depot and is open to purchase online through Amazon.

How to Light the Food Torch?

Ans. The Food torch must have a brass fuel fitting like a butane lighter, to pour the fuel. The butane flame fully oxidized by using sufficient oxygen from the atmosphere. Adjust the flame regulator to keep the fuel away from the food. The best food torch is Xpert’s Flame Kitchen. 

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