Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews [ Updated 2020 ]

The majority of people have ceased to use orthodox water heater in the present scenario by substituting it with best tankless water heaters work upon the best propane tankless water heater. The reason is backed with multiple benefits of small tankless water heater like less consumption of electricity, occupy lesser space and instant hot water heater. Unlike conventional water heaters, you don’t need to wait half an hour to get heated water for use. Today we have a variety of top tankless water heaters available in different sizes in the market. So if you are thinking about purchasing a new water heater for a commercial electric tankless water heater or personal electric tankless hot water heater use then do prefer to buy Best Tankless Water Heater to minimize the use of energy and waiting time to get the hot water. Have a look at the list of best tankless hot water heater and best gas hot water heater that you can buy in the market according to your choice given here.

Best On Demand Water Heater Reviews

Here are the five optimal tankless water heaters only reviews for you — check out the detailed product review, which includes product description, key features, and pros & cons.

Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series – Best Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai water heater RIC98iN ultra series natural best gas water heater with twin pipe is among the tankless heater in the market. You can save the maximum level of energy along with high working efficiency of the described heater. The heater can be used in areas that do not possess temperature in the range of 98 degrees F to 140 degrees F that can be raised to 160 degrees F for commercial use. The Rinnai gas heater or Rinnai gas water heater rate input BTU’s is 15, 200 to 199,000. You will get 12 years extended the warranty on the product for heat exchanger and five years warranty for the exchange of the heater’s part. Apart from it, any tankless water heater installation issue can be checked for free of Rinnai tankless water heater cost during a one-year period.

The width of the heater is 18.5,” and height is 26”. Talking about the depth of the tankless water heater it is 10,” and weight is 61.7 lbs. The Rinnai gas hot water and Rinnai electric tankless water heater connection both are ¾”. It also refers to Rinnai gas tankless water heater reviews. Have a look at the list of Rinnai tankless hot water heater that you can buy in the market.

tankless water heater

Water heater free icon Occupy Less Space: Owing to the small size and less occupancy of the space, it can be installed within your kitchen or washroom. The weight of the product is only 28.8 pounds, which is very light to carry out in case of the Rinnai outdoor tankless water heater requirement.

Water heater free icon High Gas Input For Heating Extra Water: The high gas input that is 199,000 BTU suggests that it is highly capable of meeting your needs of extra heating water easily.

Water heater free icon High Energy Efficiency: The energy factor and uniform energy factor are up to 0.96 and 0.92, respectively that directly means a high energy-efficient heater.

More Features

Water heater free icon Easy Gas Exhaustion: You will also get a polyvinyl chloride vent pipe for easy gas exhaustion from the tankless heater.

Water heater free icon Temperature Control Feature: You can set the temperature of the Rinnai tankless water heater manual. This temperature control feature is unique to this sort of heaters that lure people too often.


Less space requirement as compared to the conventional water heater.

Take less energy consumption, which means low electricity charges.

Instant hot water so no need to wait for availing heated water in your tap.

Natural exhaustion of the gas from the heater through the polyvinyl chloride vent pipe.

It is equipped with modern technology like temperature control, high energy efficiency.


Not applicable in extreme temperate regions having a shallow temperature below 90 degrees F.

The Rinnai tankless water heater price is too costlier.

Rheem 240V Heating Chamber RTEX-13 – High-Efficiency Tankless Water Heater

Rheem 240 V heating chamber RTEX-13 Residential tankless water heater is the best tankless water heater with an 8.5-pound weight and compact size. Rheem outdoor tankless water heater is very easy to use. It can operate with a voltage of 240 V and 13 KW of energy to heat the water. The temperature range of the Rheem natural gas tankless water heater is from 80 degrees F to 140 degrees F. The depth of the heater is 3.63,” and its height is 12.63” along with a width of 8.25”. This tankless water heater is very easy to install in the small space of your kitchen or washroom as well.

You will also be surprised by its incredible efficiency for energy as it uses 99.8% of the energy consumed in heating the water and only .2% is used for other tasks, thus saving energy. This heater is best preferred for using in residential spaces where the Rheem commercial electric water heater requirement of hot water is not very high. It is also called a 240v water heater. Following are Rheem water heater reviews:

tankless water heater reviews

Water heater free icon Digital Temperature Display: Rheem 240 V heating chamber RTEX-13 comes with a digital temperature display that helps you to know the current temperature upon which you have set the heater. You can adjust the temperature of the heater from 80 degrees F to 140 degrees F as per the requirement. Such exciting features are not present in every best electric water heater.

Water heater free icon Very High Energy Efficiency Up To 99.8%: The water above the heater is highly efficient regarding the use of energy that is up to 99.8 % efficient. As a consequence of which you can cut heavy energy units consumption while availing the best water heater from this tankless heater.

Water heater free icon High Durability Of Heating Rods: The heating immersion rods of RTEX-13 tankless water heater is made up of copper and plated with brass alloy metal which increases their life many folds.

More Features

Water heater free icon Compact Size: Talking about the size of the heater, it is very compact like the dimensions described here. As a consequence of which you can get it installed even in minimal space at your home. Small tankless heaters are perfect for small residential places where space constraints always trouble the people.


Small size and lightweight are best for easy installation purpose.

Give a good range of energy efficiency.

Temperature display feature.

Comes with five years of extended warranty.


The tankless water cost heater does not make it affordable to everyone.

Rheem 80-liter electric hot water system price is less affordable.

Camplux 12L, 3.18 GPM Instant Water Geyser – Indoor Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Camplux 12 L Tankless gas water heater is a big leap in the technology for those who are looking for a portable water heater. The 3.18 gallons volume of water can be drained at a time from the radiator, which is 28.8 pounds in weight. You can survive with this heater in temperature zones that varies in-between 95 degrees F to 149 degrees F. You cannot go using this camplux tankless water heater in altitude above the range of 2000 feet. The working pressure of the propane tankless water heater is 0.4 PSI. The 120 volt tankless water heater comes with a unique steel vent pipe that helps in the exhaustion of gas from the heater with the exhaustion fan installed in it.

tankless hot water heater

Water heater free icon Exhaustion Vent Pipe Minimize The Risk: There is a vent pipe in the heater which helps in the exhaustion of the gas without any obstruction. So the risk of fire and other technical accidents due to the accumulation of the gas in the heater are minimized to negligibility.

Water heater free icon Light Weight And Occupy Little Space: Because Complex indoor heater is tankless, it does not require big space in your home and very light in weight. The weight of the product is only 28.8 pounds, which is very light to carry out in case of outdoor requirements.

Water heater free icon Do Not Catch Fire In Case Of An Accident: The heater comes with modern technology, which helps in reducing the risk caused by fire. In case there occurs a fire incident nearby this heater is not going to catch fire as it is made up of fire-resistant technology. This is the best feature this tankless water heater possesses.

More Features

Water heater free icon Works In Extreme Low-Temperature Conditions: Those who are sustaining their lives in temperature zones where water heating devices collapse and don’t work then Complex heater is designed mainly for such people. It will efficiently heat water from 95 degrees F to 149 degrees F without any disturbance.


The small water heater is portable that can be taken out on family trips where a hot water facility is not available.

Reduce the risk of fire and other mishappenings as it turns off automatically in case the oxygen supply is cut to the place where it is installed.

Free temperature adjustment feature as per the need of water temperature.

Light weight and can be taken outdoor natural gas tankless water heater purposes.


Cannot be used at high altitude above than 2000 feet.

This heater does not fall under the category of budget effective products.

EcoSmart ECO 27 – Best Tankless Electric Water Heater

Ecosmart eco 27 electric tankless water heater or best tankless electric water heater reviews are serving very well for fulfilling the commercial requirements of hot water. The Eco smart electric water heater can work in the temperature range from 80 degrees to 140 degrees F. The given product is efficient to work even in the temperature variations of 37 degrees in temperate regions. Equipped with modern technology you will find digital temperature setting function and best efficiency for the power saving.

It reduces the consumption of electricity up to a half level, which is marvelous. The 240 Volt heater is having 13.7 Ibs of weight, and the size is 17” height, 17” width and 3.75” is the diameter of the product. Eco smart 27 tankless water heater, Eco smart eco 24, Eco smart electric tankless water heater are other models. Eco smart tankless water heater reviews help you to know more about the product.

best electric water heater

Water heater free icon Manual Temperature Adjustment Feature: Now it is straightforward to specify the temperature in your heater as per the requirement for hot water. If you require less hot water, then set the temperature range on low figures and vice- versa.

Water heater free icon Give High Volume Of Heated Water Within Fraction Of Seconds: You do not need to wait for a few minutes once the water is drained for a shower or other purpose from the heater. This is because back and back hot water supply is ensured with a fraction of seconds by this best electric hot water heaters.

Water heater free icon Heating Capacity Vary From 80 Degrees F Temperature To 140 Degrees F: Now you do not have to suffer from those conventional heaters which stop heating the water after a given temperature which used to be very low. EcoSmart ECO 27 tankless water heater is way advanced and gives you a window ranging from 80 degrees F to 140 degrees F temperature.

More Features

Water heater free icon Works In Extreme Low-Temperature Conditions: Those who are sustaining their lives in temperature zones where water heating devices collapse and don’t work then Complex heater is designed mainly for such people. It will efficiently heat water from 95 degrees F to 149 degrees F without any disturbance.

Can work in areas where all other water heating sources collapse In chilling cold regions where all other sources stop working for heating water ECOSMART ECO 27 electric provides you heated water quickly. You can expect its best efficiency even at a temperature of 37 degrees F.


Like all other tankless home depot electric heaters, it is also compact and occupies less space.

Effective in areas that are prone to excessive cold waves.

Self-control on the temperature if you need lukewarm water set the temperature according to your need and less energy will be consumed.

Best heater for the places where the continuous on-demand water heater is seen like offices and commercial arenas.


As water cannot be stored in Eco smart tankless heater in case of electricity power cut no hot stored water can be availed.

The Eco smart tankless water heater product out of reach for low-income people owing to its cost.

Eemax EEM24018 – Small Tankless Water Heater

The Eemax EEM24018 electric tankless water heater is the perfect buy for prominent families, and it can be used for commercial purposes as well. The 17.4 pounds eemax tankless water heater is going to help you in saving a lot of electricity with its high-efficiency feature which does not waste the power. The heater consumes 240 Volts energy to give an output of 27 KW units of work in the form of heated water. The compact size of the tankless heater is designed by keeping the space constraints in mind. eemax water heater parts are easy to assemble.

on demand water heater

Water heater free icon Less Electricity Consumption And High Output: Whenever there is a requirement of mild heated water, the heater does not consume the energy similar to that of used in providing hot water. This quick adjustment of the heater makes it the best tankless heater available in the market.

Water heater free icon 24*7 Hour running Hot Water Without Waits: People do not need to wait for a long time to get hot water for a shower or washing up dishes. This is because round the clock instant water heater can be availed with the help of this tankless heater.

Water heater free icon Five Years Of Warranty: The long five years warranty is another reason to bog down this product because you can get it repaired if the product starts showing leakage. More one full year warranty is also given for the different parts of the heater.

More Features

Water heater free icon Modern Technology: The new technology used in the heater that enhances its work efficiency acts like icing on the cake. You can have a watch on the temperature setting and adjust it as per the situation as well. The temperature is displayed on the small screen present on the body of the heater. So in every way you are getting everything best by purchasing this unique modern tankless heater.


The space-specific small size of the electric tankless heater is its best quality.

Save energy by reducing the power consumption automatically when less hot water required.

Can be used for both family purposes as well as at commercial places where the requirement of hot water is high.


The high cost of the heater is the only drawback which should be overridden.

No storage of hot water so in case of electricity cut, hot water cannot be availed.

Best Rated Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide

Best hot water heaters are very much popular these days because of their unique and advanced technology-driven features. But there are so many water heaters types are available in the market, and it becomes tough for the customers to sift out the one that can meet their needs in the best way. Some of them are gas-operated while others work with the help of electricity. At the same time, variation exists based on efficiency, hot water flow rate, and many other things. So here is a complete step by step guide for those who are gearing up for purchasing a tankless water heater to buy the best.

best tankless gas water heater

1. Compare The Energy Saving Feature Along With Efficiency Of The Water Heater

The first and foremost point that you have to consider while buying a tankless water heater is its efficiency to use the power into work. In simple words, you have to pick out a heater that can use the entire power for heating the water and no wastage of gas or electricity should be there. Do not buy a heater which is not giving you efficiency above than 95 percent.

2. Check It Out Whether Your Heater Is Compatible With Temperate Zones

Often we do not bother about researching before buying a tankless heater and listen to others’ advice without considering the temperature zone in which we are residing. For example, temperate temperature zones require heaters which are useful in extreme low-temperature conditions. So make sure that you are checking the temperature variables of the heater before you bag it down.

instant hot water heater

3. Modern Technology Features

Buying outdated technology tankless heater is of no use as technology is getting advanced with the passage of every day. So make sure that you are choosing the tankless water heater which is equipped with all new features. These features include digital temperature display, in-build exhaust fan, and vent pipe, etc.

4. Pick A Tankless Water Which Caters Your Need Of Warm Water Properly

If your tankless water heater is not suitable to meet your hot water requirement, it is not worth buying it. Decide the quantity of heated water required by you and then based on that quantity choose a heater that gives a high or low flow rate of water in the units of a gallon per minute. A big joint family or office requirement can be fulfilled with a hot water flow rate of 6 to 8 gallons per minute.

5. Figure Out Whether You Require Gas Heater Or Tankless Electric Water Heater

Those who have a small family or living single do not have much need for hot water, and thus electric tankless water heaters are best to fulfill their requirements. On the contrary, in case you are living with your big family, then it becomes crucial to opt for a tankless water heater gas whether its best natural gas tankless water heater or tankless propane water heater. So be a smart buyer in this case so that you do not have to feel guilty about bringing the wrong product at home. It is always good to do some research on the products before sending your hard-earned money on them.

gas tankless water heater

6. Do Not Forget To Look After The Type Of Installation Of Your Tankless Water Heater

Space constraints are the most significant issue that force people towards switching to the tankless water heaters. But apart from this step you also have to give attention to the fact whether you need an indoor water heater or an outdoor one. Some people are bothered about their deep space inside their homes to the extent that even tankless water heater cannot be accommodated easily. Under such circumstances, the outdoor tankless water heater is considered as best for such people.

7. Value For Money

The price of a product is the most significant fascination for the buyers if you are getting all the required facilities in your tankless heater, but it does not cost valid leave it there. There are so many water heaters which are full of the best features and also have very reasonable tankless water heater prices. So just go with these affordable heaters by keeping your budget in mind.

Benefits Of Most Efficient Tankless Water Heater

Unlike conventional water heaters nowadays people prefer to use tankless water heaters. Owing to their lightweight and unique modern features, tankless water heaters are becoming the apple of every eye. Here are a few benefits of tankless water heater enlisted below that will help you to understand the important features of tankless water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters Are Compact And Easy To Install

The primary benefit that tankless water heater providers to the users are their feature of occupying low space. At the same time, their installation is also accessible without any trouble. On the contrary, no such functionality can be found in the large tank heaters which are orthodox in their design.

Instant Hot Water Round The Clock Within Fraction Of Seconds

Getting hot water used to be a task in the previous time as a tanked heater takes a lot of time to provide hot water. But with the coming of tankless water heaters now it is possible to avail the heated water at any point in time just by switching on the power button of the heater. In hectic modern life, no one has time to wait for long hours to get hot water, and that is why tankless water heaters are more successful than the conventional one.

Digital Temperature Management System

With the new advancements in technology, tankless water heaters are now coming with the new feature of digital temperature set up. With the help of this feature, you can adjust the temperature as per the degree of heated water needed for your purpose. So when you need lukewarm water set the temperature on the low degree and vice versa. The digital screen enables you to see the current temperature mode on the tankless heater as well.

High Efficiency And Power Saving Feature

One of the most lucrative benefits that tankless water heaters provide to the people is their high efficiency and low wastage of the energy. It was not possible in the traditional water heaters, which used to waste a lot of energy and results in very high electricity bills. On average, these tankless water heaters of present-day generations are 99.9 percent efficient, which is the most significant benefit customer can have from a radiator.

propane tankless water heater

Efficient In Extreme Low-Temperature Range Areas To Heat Water

When all sources of water heating shatter down in temperate zones, tankless water heaters show their efficiency to a great extent. You can get hot water in temperature conditions even up to 2 degrees F, which is very rare to see. That is the reason why these heaters are thriving in a wide range of the temperate zones of the world.

So when you are buying a water heater next time for office as well as residential use, make sure that you are purchasing a tankless water heater. That is how you will be able to avail of all the excellent benefits possessed by such heaters.


So by now, you must have retained a crystal clear picture of tankless heaters and their importance over other orthodox heaters people used to install in their home. But make it very much sure that you are choosing a tankless heater wisely because as you know, they come in a variety of features. Some of them are gas-operated like Rinnai RIC98In ultra series natural gas heater while others are driven through electricity like EcoSmart ECO water heater 27 electric tankless water heater. Also, make sure that you are capable of choosing the type of tankless water heater based on the temperature situations in which you are residing. Choosing the right water heater can give you the best satisfaction and also saving of the power source, which directly means a reduction in electricity consumption or gas consumption.

The buyers commit some common mistakes at the time of placing their order for the tankless water heater. For instance, they do not bother about the installation type like whether it is an outdoor heater or indoor heater and thus end up buying a wrong product that is not suitable for their purpose. You must avoid such circumstances to happen with you and go through the features of the heater at first place before making your mind to purchase it. You can enhance the aestheticism of your home by installing these modern water heaters in your bathroom and kitchen area by replacing the old big tanked heaters which occupy a lot of space in your bathroom and kitchen as well.

The tankless water heater is also going to make your life simple and easy, especially when you are a working person and need everything to be done in just a finger snap. This is because you will get round the clock running hot water in your bathroom faucet and kitchen tap with the help of installing such heaters. Some most popular tankless water heaters which people love to purchase includes Complex 12L, 3.18 gallon per minute indoor tankless water heaters, Eemax EEM24027 electric tankless water heater, Rheem 240 V heating chamber RTEX-13 tankless water heater for personal residential purpose are few to enumerate at this stage. There are different best tankless water heater brands and best rated tankless water heater available in the market.

Apart from it, there are so many other water heaters that are available in the market, and customers are purchasing them for both workplace and residential areas. If you also want to make your life easy and do not want to waste big leaps of the time for getting heated water then purchase a good quality tankless water heater which can help you to get the hot water around the way. The only thing that you must give attention is the features and characteristics of the tankless water heater you are buying, whether it is suitable to fulfill your electric on-demand water heater or electric water heater reviews for hot water or not. Often people commit mistakes on this stage and purchase an irrelevant product for them; you must save yourself from such blunders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Replace My Existing Tanked Water Heater With A Tankless Option?

Ans: Yes, on-demand water heaters are said to be tankless water heaters. These heater heat water when required and very quickly than others. There are direct-vent, high-efficiency, power vent units. All types of them are different, so the user needs proper information about it.

How Home Depot Install Water Heater?

Ans: After selecting a water heater by the user, home depot hot water heater tank installation is done by sending the water heater to their home with no cost about 30 miles. The installer of the water heater depot is sent to the user’s home to install the water heater with the charging $1000-$3000; they also provide proper guide and demo to the user.

Which Type Of Water Heater Is Best: Storage Or Instant?

Ans: Because of the advanced technology, instant water heaters are highly effective and best nowadays. These water heaters are easy to maintain, install, service, and moved from one place to another. Instant heaters consume less electricity than storage heaters.

What Is The Best Residential Tankless Water Heater?

Ans: The residential tankless water heater which is easy to install, temperature management system, high efficiency, and power saving, etc. Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus and EcoSmart ECO 27 are an electric, Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural Gas, Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural Gas, Rheem RTG-64DVLN best Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater.

How Does Tankless Water Heater Save Energy?

Ans: These tankless water heater does not have a tank so, they only heat water when the user needed. This heater does not need to store a large amount of water and heat it again and again, which require less electricity and save energy and lessen the electric bill.