Bosch Tankless Water Heater Reviews

World-Class Technology At Home: Bosch Tankless Water Heater

Bosch is genuinely a worldwide Corporation — the Bosch group employs over 250,000 employees worldwide, almost 25,000 of them in the United States alone. They are producers of products for the automotive technology field, as well as automation and packaging technology products and power tools for use in industry and business. Their home-oriented products include security systems and hot water heating equipment.

Two favorite models of Bosch tankless water heaters are the PowerStar AE115 and AE125 models. Both provide efficient hot water heating while eliminating the wasteful and expensive need for a hot water tank. The PowerStar AE125 can provide enough hot water to fill two sinks simultaneously or one shower/bathtub to a temperature of 105°F — this works out to 3.7 GPM. If you need hot water at a higher temperature — this Bosch tankless water heater system will provide you with 115°F water at 3.0 GPM.

Bosch Tankless Water Heater

 The PowerStar AE115 Bosch tankless water heater provides just a bit lower water flow: 2.3 GPM at 105°F (enough for use in a shower, to fill a bathtub, or for the laundry room) or 2.0 GPM at 115°F. In addition to these units, Bosch makes several point-of-use water heaters. For example, Bosch makes four different models of PowerStar tankless, point-of-use water heaters.

You could install one of these in a basement sink, another next to your clothes washer, another in the kitchen, and a fourth in your bathroom. Some homes may find that they do not need a central hot water system, with multiple Bosch tankless water heater units installed throughout their home.

Bosch PowerStar Electric Point-of-Use tankless water heaters come in the following models: AE3.4, AE7.2, AE9.5, and AE12. Except for the AE12 model, all these Bosch tankless water heaters can be mounted in any direction (the model AE12 is a thermostatic model).

These different models of Bosch tankless water heaters require differing capacities of electric circuits and provide varying amounts of hot water, depending on your temperature needs. All of these Bosch tankless water heaters come with a five-year warranty on the original heat exchanger unit and a one-year warranty on other parts.

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Another interesting note is that Bosch tankless water heaters can be purchased as reconditioned units. While these are not sold directly by Bosch, you can buy them through authorized distributors and dealers — and these reconditioned units come with the same warranty as brand-new Bosch tankless water heaters!

More details on all of these models can be found at their company website — I found their downloadable brochures and PDF documents providing the technical specifications to be an excellent source of information. Their website also features a search capability, so you can quickly locate the exact model of the Bosch tankless water heater that you are looking for.

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