Chulux Single Serve Coffee Maker With Quick Brew Technology


Sometimes we want more than one kind of coffee. One time I wanted hazelnut and someone else wanted dark roast, but there was only a whole pot of it available.

CHULUX SINGLE CUP COFFEE BREWER is designed for one-person brewing. It offers fresh and hot coffee in minutes at any time you need it.

With this brewer, coffee lovers no longer have to go through the hassle of making their own morning cup or afternoon pick-me-up.. It is stylish and compact, perfect for any space such as small kitchens, dorm rooms, meeting rooms, or offices.

It has an illuminated brew switch and automatic shut-off feature, which turns it off once the brewing rite is complete.

Features & Specs


Plastic Housing + Stainless Steel Inside Water Tank






12 Ounces, 3.5 Bar Pump




800W (UL 2-pin Plug with 100cm power cord)

Product Size: 

4.3" W x 7.5"D x 9.8" H

Product Net Weight: 

2.2 LBS


Plastics Housing and Built-in Stainless Steel Reservoir

Human Interface Input


  • MINI COFFEE MACHINE: The small and easy-to-carry size of this coffee maker makes it perfect for a limited countertop or a business trip. It is friendly in the office, kitchen, dormitory, hotel, and RV. The voltage is 120V.
  • MUG SIZES COMPATIBLE: The coffee machine is designed to ensure that you use every last drop of water: the brewer maximizes utilization by supporting travel mugs up to 5.3’’ tall and removing the drip tray.Explanation: The coffee flows out in almost equal quantities as are poured into it, a feature that ensures every fresh cup of coffee.
  • ONE KEY SWITCH OPERATION: This coffee maker has an 800 watt heating element with rapid brewing technology and a blue light indicator to let you know when it’s on. The auto shut-off technology will prevent your machine from overheating so you can enjoy safe hot beverages without worrying about wasting energy. One cup of hot brewed coffee will be ready for you within 3 minutes. It can also act as a water boiler to get hot water or tea.
  • SINGLE CUP COFFEE BREWER-12OZ: The CHULUX personal coffee maker is compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 pods, which means you can always find the perfect cup of your favorite morning pick-me-up, all without a messy cleanup when you’re at home or work.
  • FOOD-APPROVED MATERIAL + EASY TO CLEAN: The BPA-FREE material is perfect for a water tank and piercing needle. There’s a detachable filter basket with a drip tray as well. To clean the product, just pour in some water mixed with vinegar then press the button to start the cleaning process.
  1. Compact Engineered: The one knob operation and power button make it easy to operate.
  2. One-Person-Portion Serving: With only one cup of coffee brewing at a time, you will never waste your fresh-brewed coffee again.
  3. Fast Boiling System: The machine takes only five minutes to heat up 12 ounces of water, which will make a cup of coffee within two or three minutes.
  4. Auto Shut-Off Function: The machine’s start button automatically shuts off at the end of the brew cycle, and a blue light flashes as it heats up.
  5. Space-Saving: The travel size coffee maker is perfect for traveling with. It can be used also in spaces like apartments, meeting rooms and offices.
  6. Hassle-free Cleaning: Just take out the capsule after it has been brewed, even with your reusable filter all you need to do is rinse out coffee grinds.

1 * Black Single Serve Coffee Maker.

1 * Removable Drip Tray and Cover.

1 * Water Filter Basket

1 * Instruction Manual

Note : Mug, Capsule and Reusable Filter are NOT included.


Detachable Drip Tray

  • Collect any drips to keep the brewing area clean.
  • The drip tray has been removed to accommodate coffee mugs, reducing the risk of splashes with each brew.

Removable Filter Basket

  • Fit a water filter to the inlet of the water tank so that particles don’t enter into the reservoir.

Safe Lock Knob

  • One knob to lock and open the lid more easily.

Cleaning And Maintenance
  1. Please brew water to clean for first use, it’s more effective to extract the essence from coffee.
  2. Fill the water reservoir with 4 parts cold water and 1 part citric acid. Turn the machine on to clean it. It’s recommended to descale and clean your espresso machine every 2 weeks.
  3. Please don’t use coffee capsules that are not labeled as the “Original” type.
  4. Push coffee capsules into the correct position before closing lid.
  5. To clean the pod holder, we recommend using a damp cloth.
Deep Cleaning For Coffee Brewer
  1. Look at all four ports of the coffee machine, checking for any obstructions.
  2. Use a paper clip or toothpick to probe the top of the needle on both outlet ports and the water inlet.
  3. After removing the food from the water reservoir, use a food-grade funnel to add clean water into it. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar and fill with fresh tap water. Press the “Clean” button followed by the appropriate cycle for your type of filter.
  4. When the filter is used for more than a week, please add mixed water of vinegar and water to this filter with an equal ratio.
  5. After an hour, please pour out the water.
  6. After using white vinegar to clean the piercing tip, run water through it several more times before replacing lid.
Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: When measuring the height of your travel mug, bottom to top is 5 1/2 inches and from the countertop to the spout (height), with a 7 inch Tervis 20 oz travel mug, it was 6 1/2 inches. I made an extra inch for a platform for my cup.

Ans: The pot can hold a gallon of liquid, enough for 12 6oz cups of coffee.

Ans: If you want to clean the reservoir, I recommend rinsing it out with water. If your coffee machine is dishwasher-safe, try that too.

Ans: have never had grounds in my cup even though the spout doesn’t have a screen.

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Sharyn Shepherd
Sharyn Shepherd
One Of My Favorite Coffee Makers | Reviewed In The United States On July 25, 2021
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Size: 12-Cup | Verified Purchase

I love this coffee maker, it has a reservoir rather than a traditional carafe and this means that the coffee is not sitting directly on the heating element. I like my coffee warm but fresh-tasting so there is no burnt taste leftover and it's ready in the morning when I wake up. Love this!!!
Awakened Heart
Awakened Heart
Love 💖 Coffee And Our Cuisinart Coffee Maker! | Reviewed In The United States On July 23, 2021
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Size: 12-Cup | Verified Purchase

We have been using this model for a while and we manage to run them into the ground every 3-4 years. Each time, we buy another one because it makes good coffee and its "carafe-less" design ensures that it never tastes burnt. In general our experience with Cuisinart products has made them our preferred brand.
Danielle Delgadillo
Danielle Delgadillo
This Single Serve Coffee Maker Is Great. | Reviewed In The United States On July 14, 2021
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Size: 12-Cup | Verified Purchase

This coffee maker has been a great tool during the weekday mornings. It is easy to use and can easily come apart for it to be cleaned with a built-in water filter. I also love that it comes with reusable coffee filters or regular paper ones, whichever you prefer! I love that it keeps the coffee hot in the reservoir until I am ready to dispense it. Show more...