Different Types Of Coffee

The world of aromas and taste of coffee is boundless. There are a wide variety and range of coffee types, which you can select for your taste and mood. Coffee has long served not only as a tradition but also as a need for the fast-paced life of these days. There are generally two major types of coffees, hot coffee, and cold coffee.

Hot Coffee

This is the normal regular coffee, which is made of very hot temperatures and is served while it’s still hot and steamy.

Cold / Iced Coffee

It’s the same coffee but brewed at very cold temperature and is served with ice cream, crème or vanilla syrup. It’s not to be confused with a coffee with ice cubes in it. Cold coffee never uses ice cubes and it is the temperature for which it’s known as cold coffee.

When it comes to coffee types then both hot and cold coffees come with a variety of tastes and recipes. Many countries have invented the local versions of different coffee types, which are commonly known as “Flavored Coffee”. The flavors can be a combination and mix of spices, nutmegs, syrups, artificial flavors, and biscotti. Apart from these local versions, the following are some of the most popular international coffee types that can add value to your taste buds.

Espresso – This is pure coffee without milk and is prepared through intense heat pressure for brewing, called a shot. Typical espresso is made from 1 to 2 shots of coffee and is a mouth-watering condensed from the beverage.

Espresso Granita – This is a cocktail type espresso blend and is prepared by a combination of 1 shot of espresso with brown sugar and a splash of brandy. Later it’s frozen and then crushed for serving with whipped cream at its top.

Cappuccino – This is a combination of frothed and steamed milk with a shot of Espresso. The coffee has a diluted taste and is covered with thick foam, on which you may shower cinnamon or flaked chocolate. It also comes with a dry version, in which there are little foam and no steamed milk.

Cafe Latte – If you add more milk into Cappuccino, then it’s Café Latte, as Latte is an Italian word, which means “milk’. It contains 1 shot of espresso with three to five parts of steamed milk.

Cafe Mocha – This one is liked most by the children, ladies, and chocolate lovers. It contains one shot of espresso with one part of chocolate syrup and three portions of frothed milk. Often it is served after dinner and is most popular in the Mediterranean region.

Frappe – It’s a cold espresso coffee, which is made with a combination of sugar, water, milk, and ice. All ingredients are combined with an addition of 1 or 2 teaspoons of coffee and presented in the form of a heavy coffee milkshake.

Black Tie – Black tie is a cold coffee and is half tea and half coffee. It’s a perfect blend of coffee and tea and diminishes the difference between two fabulous beverages. It’s prepared by combining chilled Thai tea with a shot of espresso and condensed milk or cream at its top.

Caffè Americano – It’s espresso but with diluted hot water flavor. Those who cannot stand strong pure dripped coffee can use this version of espresso.

Café au lit – A purge dripped coffee with an equal ratio of scalded milk is Café au lit. It’s originally a French coffee beverage but now widely used in European and Far Eastern Cafes.

White / Black Coffee – White coffee is an espresso with milk and sugar added. Without milk, it’s called Black Coffee. White Coffee is also colloquially known as Regular Coffee in European households and offices.

Caramel Macchiato – A very tasty and addictive coffee drink that is prepared with a combination of espresso, foamed milk, caramel, and Vanilla. You may add sugar to taste, but it’s already too sweet on its own.

Instant coffee (soluble coffee) – This coffee type has become very common and famous because of its ease of use and convenience. It’s made just like tea and comes in the form of granules or soluble powder. This coffee can be made without special apparatus and espresso machines.

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