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EZ Digital

The EZ Digital Reviews

The EZ Digital TV antenna is provided fully HD channels for watching your favorite shows. It’s a long-range antenna to give the best result at low signals. And It also got a good place in Best TV antenna. If you are paying a considerable amount for cable television every month and you are struggling to find a cheaper alternative for that? If you said yes, then you are at the right place as here, we are going to have a look at EZ Digital TV Antenna and try to discuss everything about it.

In case if you want to get a digital TV Antenna that offers you more efficient services at lower charges then make sure to follow this post till the end.

Moreover, we would be discussing the product in depth so that it makes it easy for you to make your final decision. But before heading forward with the main section, let us have a look at the process of how we test TV antennas and provide you with the best available options.

EZ HD Digital TV Antenna Long 180 Miles Range

✔️FULL HD CHANNELS: With an UPGRADED 2020 TV antenna no more need to pay a HUGE bill on TV. Our HD antenna can receive FULL HD Channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, Fox and SO MUCH MORE. With an amplified tv antenna start to access all of the news, sitcoms, kids, and sports programs! ADVANCED TOOL FOR LIFE TO RECEIVE THE CHANNEL WITHOUT MONTHLY BILL!

Does EZ Digital TV Antenna Work?

The EZ Digital TV Antenna is a high quality indoor digital TV antenna with the help of which you can take advantage of high definition video output with an impressive number of channels. Moreover, if we have a look at the user reviews, we would be able to notice that it is the best HDTV indoor antenna that fetches TV signals from the air and provides you with efficient outputs.

Let us have a look at the features you would be able to get with EZ Digital Antenna:

  • You would be able to capture all your channels in 1080p HD quality.

  • It comes with 50 miles of radius support, with the help of which the device can pick signals easily from anywhere.

  • With this product, you would be able to receive signals of more than 100 HD channels.

Although in most of the places you will notice EZ digital TV antennas to be used indoors only, but you can use it under outdoor conditions too. One of the biggest reasons to invest in EZ Digital Antenna is that you would be able to take advantage of easy installation with it.

The List of Best EZ Digital Antennas

⓵ Tree New Bee UHD-3942A Antenna:

Here we have a compatible and reliable Digital Amplified Range HDTV antenna with the help of which you can take advantage of an impressive 1080p HD video output support. This antenna comes with a digital converter that converts all the collected signals from the air into video signals that are shown over our tv unit.

One thing that is amazing about this product is that you would be able to take advantage of various free channels.

ez digital tv antenna reviews


  • You would be able to take advantage of a 150-mile long range with this HDTV connection. With which you can receive digital signals efficiently.

  • The antenna comes pre-assembled by the company, and you just need to do a bit of installation only.

  • This antenna offers you fantastic support of HDTV with 720p, 1080p and 1080i video output quality.

  • It is a robust and lightweight antenna, with the help of which you can take advantage of better reliability.


  • Lightweight and can be taken anywhere easily.
  • Robust design that can bear rough conditions.
  • Impressive connectivity and signal support.
  • You can easily install this TV antenna.
  • Outstanding reception that leads to better channel quality.
  • Plenty of stations and free channel support.


  • Smaller than usual size.

⓶ Tree New Bee EZ Digital Antenna Reviews

This is a portable and high-performance antenna, it’s design makes it easy to mount and lightweight. This antenna actually reaches the outside and picks up the signals! You are always troubled by Comcast and always used to increase the price of your cable.

Many times, many of your local stations do not come on TV due to some trees around your house, so you must take this antenna because this antenna is small as well as cheap so that you face the problem Does matter. Will not have to.

This one picks over 32 channels, and some of them are from far away, and some that were not there before with our cable. Another great feature is how reliable this antenna is. Watch free high-definition TV broadcast networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, Univision, CW, PBS, and more!

ez digital antenna channels


  • Watch FREE High-Definition TV broadcasts including networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, Univision, CW, PBS and more!

  • Compact high-performance antenna design makes it easy to mount and position for best reception. Signal Enhancing Reflectors increase signal strength and reduce signal dropouts.

  • Rugged construction for tough outdoor conditions. Easily mounts in the attic for excellent reception while staying out of sight. Mounting bracket, mast, and assembly instructions included.

  • The antenna can also mount directly to a standard antenna mast.

  • Broad-spectrum reception for both VHF/UHF stations. Receives uncompressed 1080P signals. 4K ready. Please check your TV make sure your TV is ready for 4K as well.


  • Great channel results first time installed.
  • Best antenna in the world for digital TV and super high-quality design and construction.
  • This product was easy to assemble and hook up.
  • The long coax cable and long-range.


  • Works but flimsy.

⓷ XFTREE Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna

Good Antenna! Not much cable TV. The resolution and pictures are amazing. I strongly recommend this. This one fits the bill perfectly and it works as good as the advertisements on the product page says. Easy to install. It takes just 10 minutes to install and setup, And enjoyable free channels. it’s is 200 miles long-range antenna.

It is a slim design and a very high performance. its 17ft long cable makes it easy to put the antenna within the best reception spot in your home. The antenna is often powered either by an outlet or a TV’s USB port. Get free access to all or any of the content available in your area.

Including the foremost popular over-the-air TV shows, news, sitcoms, kids programs, sports, and far more, beat breathtaking 4K Ultra HD for the simplest picture quality, most vivid colors, and stunning sound. 90-day&24-month full refund warranty with friendly customer service.

ez hd tv antenna


  • 【Enjoy HD Channels 】With our Amplified TV Antenna can pull in your favorite shows; Supportive to a variety of HD signal transmission such as 720p, 1080i, 1080p 2K, and even 4K HD, a truly HDTV antenna brings you genuine HIGH QUALITY.

  • 【Strong Signal Reception】Advanced Smart Boost technology optimizes the best signal transmission Protection against interference with other signals, which provide added range and maximum signal reception for more channels even you are far away formed broadcast towers. You will always enjoy the TV Shows with clearer and smother pictures. 2 switchable amplifier mode can be adjusted to fit for different range. Below 35 miles? Turn the Yellow light on! Above 35 miles? Turn the green light on!

  • 【Ultra-Thin & Easy To Use 】Trendy fashionable BLACK can be matched any home color scheme. Paper-thin material combines matte surface technology, Make it very nice! Touching soft design is more delicate and lightweight, which is allow you to hide it ou at the desired position. With the function of ANTI-STATIC and ANTI-LIGHTING, our upgraded tv antenna will work great.

  • 【Long Coaxial Cable】Extra long high-performance coax cable ensures amplified aerial can be placed almost anywhere in your home. Please first visit “” or “” to check how many broadcast towers surrounding you within 130 miles. Signal reception can vary around the US. Now, get our this set of the indoor aerial antenna with coaxial cable, a quality life start with enjoying more fun on your TV!


  • Not have to pay the extra fee.
  • Good quality picture without trying.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • This is the best antenna for receiving the most channels with the best clarity.


  • Depends on how your signals are and the location of towers.

⓸ PBD Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna

This EZ digital antenna is designed for a perfect substitute for your annual cable to receive TV UHF/VHF signals. You can now enjoy free 4K high definition television without the high cost of satellite or cable. Its Operation Temperature is a -10° C ~ 50° C. It’s a PBD amplified outdoor HDTV antenna Model WA-2608 +18m.

This antenna came fully packaged. This one is the one that delivered the best results for people who live more than 70 miles of the tower. So, try this one if you want a great long-range antenna and you will be really happy with it and the signal.

It is fairly easy to assemble if you read instructions in full first. The HDTV antenna can receive include NBC, ABC, PBS, THE CW, QUBO, TELEMUNDO, FOX, RTV, THIS TV, UNIVISION, CBS, ION, ME TV, the weather channels then far more.

ez hd antenna


  • 150 Miles Antenna and Dual TV Outputs —Full HDTV support 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 4K | Working Frequency: VHF 170~230MHz | UHF 470~860MHz | Receive free digital broadcast high definition TV signals. Support 2 TVs at the same time without a splitter. No special adapter needed.

  • Wireless remote controller — Built-in 360 degree Strong Motor rotor | Built-in Super High Gain and Low Noise Amplifier | includes 59FT RG6 Coaxial cable. Easy for you to place it to get the best reception in your house.

  • Snap-On Installation–Snap On Elements no tools required. Comes with an easy-to-follow user manual so you can install the antenna with ease. Mounting pole not included – Put B07BNSL21G into Amazon search box for pole.

  • Weather Resistant– 150 miles antenna is for outdoor use. The antenna is lightning protected, durable design with grounding done -don’t get struck out by bad weather.


  • Built-in Low-Noise and High Gain Amplifier.
  • Wireless remote controller.
  • Outstanding Tech Support!.
  • Easy to assemble, easy to aim!


  • Needs electricity to use.

How Do We Test TV Antennas?

For testing every TV antenna there is a precise process, and we make sure to follow it entirely because at the end you are going to use and pick up the most appropriate basis of our done research.

Let us have a look at the steps in our process of testing TV antennas which is as follows:

Collecting Available Options:

In the first step, we have a look at a few of the best available digital TV Antenna options and make a list of the best ones on which we would be doing the research done.


The final option in the checking process is the quality of channels. We make sure the options selected by us are able to provide the best quality outputs to the users.


Right after connecting the TV antenna with a unit itself, we have a look at how many channels they offer and at what price. We pick up those options that offer more channels at a reasonable price only.

Range Check:

Once we have created a list of best available options, then we start checking one by one every option and the first thing we have a look at is the range availability of the antenna.

With the help of this step, you would be able to know about how far you can get the TV antennas installed from the actual unit. Hence we pick up the most appropriate options with more comprehensive range connectivity.

How To Install It?