How Does A Hot Water Heater Work

A water heater, we all know this word and we’ve all seen it before. Inevitably, every house is equipped with a water heater but that does not mean that we know how it works. Indeed, we know what it is for, why we all have it, but the operation of a water heater may seem complicated although it is important for you to know its operation in order to better understand your needs in terms of heaters. water.

Know then that the electric water heater, otherwise called hot water tank or cumulus, works according to the principle of stratification. The word stratification takes its name from the word “strata”. In fact, in the process carried out by the water heater in order to provide you with hot water, layers of temperature water are formed and overlap without mixing: it is, therefore, a phenomenon of strata or layers.

The electric cumulus is perfectly silent unless it is scaled up, in which case it will have to be cleaned or even replaced some essential parts! You will find different ways to position your cumulus in your home: on the wall vertically or horizontally but also using a stand. Be aware, however, that the hot water tank often needs to be installed by a professional installer of cumulus as a water heater to guarantee your safety.

The composition of ‘a water heater

In order to know how a hot water tank works, it is important to know its composition and to know each element and its importance and usefulness. The electric cumulus is made up of several elements:

  • An enameled tank which can accommodate the water once heated, since it rises in the cumulus.
  • A heating system.
  • An electrical resistance which will heat very quickly and allow the water to heat also. Resistance, on the other hand, is very sensitive to limescale, so it is important to completely drain the hot water tank if you need to change it.
  • With thermostat regulation.
  • A system that prevents ACI type corrosion.
  • All these elements will work together in order to make your cumulus operate normally, thus allowing you to have hot water in your home.
  • The operation ‘a water heater

First of all, cold pressurized water will enter the tank of your cumulus as it empties, according to your domestic hot water needs, and allow you to have them continuously. This cold water that enters your balloon will be heated by the electric resistance, which will make it go up to the enameled tank designed to accommodate this heated water.

In fact, hot water has a lower density than cold water. Being lighter, it will more easily gain height, unlike the cold water which will remain at the bottom of your water heater, in the tank intended to accommodate it. To keep the hot water at its heat in the tank, the insulation around the tank is adapted to prevent the hot water from going down in temperature.

This insulation allows you to have hot water available before the process happens again as you use it. However, a regulating thermostat is affixed in the system in order to check the temperature of the water but also, to regulate it as its name suggests, the ideal temperature of the leaving water being around 60 ° C before it is mixed to cold water via the mixer that you use to use water in your home.

It is very important that the water leaving is at a minimum of 60 ° C to avoid the propagation of bacteria but also the scaling which will be done more quickly if the correct temperature threshold is not reached. Likewise, this water must not exceed 65 ° C to avoid burns and malfunction.

The principle of stratification

As you understood above, the electric water heater works thanks to a phenomenon called stratification, a complicated term at first. As, during heating, the density of water decreases unlike cold water which remains at the same density, these different heats will form layers of water with different heats which will not overlap.

Indeed, the cold water will remain in the tank while the hot water will go up to the tank, preventing the two glasses of water from mixing, this is called the principle of stratification which allows everything to work perfectly and to offer you daily hot water according to your needs.

However, in order to ensure the proper functioning of this system with two glasses of water at different temperatures, many cumulus tanks incorporate what is called a jet breaker which is fixed on the cold water inlet rod and which “breaks” “Coldwater pressure. Thus, the distribution of layers or strata can be done quite normally and without hindrance.

In conclusion…

You now know how a water heater works as a whole and how this everyday object that you do not always notice is ultimately essential every day and allows you to live decently, with hot water! Although you now know a little more about the functioning of a cumulus and its different components.

The Water heater remains at your disposal to help you in the research and especially the installation of your hot water tank, the one that will be the most suitable for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the matter, our professional technicians will be happy to answer you and help you find the perfect ball for you!

Published By Thomas Smith

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