How To Start A Smart Home in 2021

Imagine entering your home and with a single click the door opens, the lights turn on, the blinds are raised, the floor is heated and your favorite song is heard as a welcome home.

This is more or less what smart homes are about, a trend that in several countries is already history but that in Colombia continues to grow. This type of house, also called ‘smart home’ or domotic houses, integrate a unified model where the air conditioning systems, lighting; and of audio, video, and security, can communicate with each other to be controlled remotely from anywhere.

In the United States, for 2021, companies such as Technoimport had reported that homes with automation systems did not even reach 1%. Today, companies like Sea Soluciones estimate that that number has doubled.

 How to Start a Smart Home in 2021

Learn What It Takes To Make A Smart Home And How Gadgets Work

Although 2020 was a critical year in the global economy and the purchasing power of people was affected, what is estimated is that the logic of the pandemic generated an indirect increase in the demand and knowledge of smart homes, which, although it remains an expensive system; The truth is that spending more time at home has shown the potential of this type of system that provides greater comfort to people.

For this reason, optimizing home operations, in addition to having greater leisure experiences, makes this attractive today. In a home automation home, for example, people can have fully automated movie theaters, coworking rooms, and living rooms.

Edwin Parra, manager of Sea Soluciones, explains that in order to have a ‘smart home’, the ideal would be for the integration of home automation to be carried out in on-site projects, in full construction in order to identify and adapt the needs from the beginning, although finished properties, it is possible, but more limited.

Movie Theater, Beyond A Projector

In a family movie theater, commonly used in homes, what prevails when it comes to its design are the luminosity, acoustics, dimensions and materials of the room. These rooms include, of course, a fully automated projector, screen and cinema seats. In a domotic movie theater then, the screen is lowered automatically, likewise, the chairs with a single click are accommodated to the dimensions of the people. The sound is of the quality and capacity of a small theater.

Home Automation Offers Greater Security Control

From anywhere in the world and from the electronic device, as long as it has internet networks, every corner of the home can be monitored. Here are the electronic locks that in addition to being biosecure, since they do not need physical contact to open the door, they could also help give access to an external person even if they are not at home. There are also the security sensors that detect the presence of intruders and send an alarm notification to the owners’ cell phone.

Thermoregulation Systems For Low Temperature Areas

This function is very popular in cities with cold temperatures. With this intelligent function, people, together with home automation, will be able to regulate the ambient temperature of the home. The most used is to be able to regulate that the climate of the soil warms up. Here, through programming, you can make the floor always stay warm, do it every time you feel people at home or, at a certain time. Likewise, this system can accommodate the ambient temperature.

This Is How An Automated Kitchen Would Work

Controlling the kitchen remotely offers numerous advantages, especially in terms of safety. Both at a functional level and to generate warmer environments in social moments, or to maximize the energy savings of household appliances. With an intelligent kitchen, people will be able to control the refrigerator, the ceramic hob and the microwave from a distance from a mobile device. Also, this could help reduce spending on public services, for example, with the smart tap, which saves up to 25% consumption.

Other Gadgets And Home Tech Features

Amazon’s assistant, Alexa, will be able to use voice commands for people to give orders to carry out actions such as turning on the light or opening the curtains. Likewise, it will be enough to say “goodbye” so that Alexa knows that she must adapt the house for when no one is, such as turning off the power system. Likewise, with just one click, a smart home could set the scene for a home party, with lights and a playlist for the occasion. Also, light the fireplace.

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