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Ice Genie Reviews

There comes a time while during any festival, ice is the part that does a few issues. At the point when you have an extraordinary number of visitors and a little freezer, it is very hard to take into account the ice needs of all.

All things considered, it’s your gathering and you have to arrange it at any rate. There is as yet an alternative you could decide to keep enough ice at your home.

You can go to Ice Genie. Ice Genie is a little ice producer that is actually an answer to your issues.


Though ice Genie being a new product in the market the idea of the Ice genie is really astonishing. This item is attempting to convey its clients with a fair thing.

It’s essentially a manual Ice creator that is intended to spare a ton of space in your freezer which has the ability to supplant in excess of 10 Ice cube plates that you purchase in the store. At once, it freezes 120.

One more advantage of this item is once you’ve filled your compartments with enough ice you can use this little convenient holder as a beverage holder to store pop or different things you might need to keep cool.

The Claim

With regards to the Claim of Ice genie. What draws in its clients the most is you are releasing a ton of freezer space and simultaneously ready to create various ice cubes.

This gadget has the ability to remove around up to 10 customary ice plates that is it can hold around 120 ice cube shapes at Once that is a decent size of the group of friends or relatives if that they are thinking for a social occasion.

This device is dishwasher safe and on account of its elegant look, you ought to have the option to simply wash it off after each use.

The Hype

The Hype of Ice Genie is you are fit for freezing such a significant number of ice cubes one after another. With the assistance of this Ice Genie’s gadget, you can use so little space in contrast with as it was done in the good ‘old days of utilizing plate to freeze your ice cubes independently.

It will be incredible if that you have enough ice to suit everyone that is hoping to have some sort of blended drink. When you’ve collected enough ice cubes you can in reality at that point use the Genie as a sort of freezer that will assist with keeping your beverages cold while transparently putting away them for your visitors as a refreshment holder.

The Cost

Ice Genie is moderately reasonable with regards to its costing. It costs around $14.99 in addition to $4.99 shipping.

If that you are prepared to get it, there is an exceptional offer at present being held now where you can locate the second Ice genie item for nothing once you are finished with the delivery charges.

Along these lines, your all-out cost will be around $24.97 before charges. This expense shows up on the site and you can discover it on the Commercial page of the TV.

The Commitment

Ice Genie submits that they will convey you undeniably a larger number of cubes of ice than the standard plate, for example, 120 at once. These items are fairly dishwasher safe and are accessible in a splendid blue shading.

A little effort is required from your side so as to crush the ice cube shapes, they convey what they guarantee their clients.


Up until this point, as I would see it, the evaluation of the Ice Genie is a positive one so, what I’ve seen online there been more fulfilled clients than there has been any kind of exceptions.

The possibility of the product itself is a decent one and it delivers on the way that it can easily give more ice blocks than some other kind of carrier service isn’t electric.

Last Ice Genie Review

The last item in the survey shows that the Ice Genie at the cost announced is definitely justified even despite the money and particularly for those people that engage all the time and need ice cube shapes more so than the normal individual, or family besides, this item is again something that would come in very handy. We are set up to offer it a go-ahead.

Our Advice

Besides ice cube shapes there are other ice products that can be extremely helpful like the Essential.

Ice Genie is a minimal ice cube maker that spares the freezer by displacing the standard ice solid shape plate. Performs it truly work? Here is my Ice Genie review.

About Ice Genie

You can call Ice Genie a basic and double-chambered ice maker that holds up to 120 solid shapes of Ice. The official site of the thing is which was enrolled in February 2018. The following is the screen capture that shows the item site perspective in April 2018.

Claims & Specialties

  1. Saves away to 3 quantities one after another (120 ice 3D squares)
  2. Ice blocks are made in the external chamber and put away inside
  3. Monitor Freezer space
  4. Spotless and scentless ice solid shapes (sealed shut cover)
  5. Additionally cools packaged beverages quickly
  6. Very Secure to use in dishwasher
  7. Open for BPA


The expense of Ice Genie is around $19.99 P&H and a whole of $24.98. If that you need, you can also profit a different rate that costs $9.99 that raised an aggregate of $34.97. Ice Genie is additionally not accessible anyplace in Stores.

Ice Genie Review

The person who normally places ice on the ice plate will without a doubt profit by Ice Genie’s item. This item permits making ice in a space-sparing design with no problem at all. This item will permit you to make ice in a manner that spares your space well.

This Ice Genie item arrives in a barrel-shaped design with a removable internal sleeve that permits making a group of ice while keeping the inside liberated from Liquid.

When you are finished with a bunch of ice, you can evacuate its sleeves and press the sides of the adaptable chamber break free the ice. While making another clump you can store the current ice inside.

At once, you can stockpile to 3 bunches in Ice Genie. That sums to around 120 ice shapes. The included ice keeps them without ice from scents as it is put away in the Freezer. Ice Genie design shapes that are littler than Standard Ice cube squares.

You can utilize it in another manner like by chilling container by keeping the whole external layer of ice set up while the internal sleeve is embedded.

Despite the fact that its publicizing is Impressive, the people may need to think about a few things before purchasing this item. We should begin with the uplifting news, in any case, Ice Genie works about as advertised.

I found that no fluid spilled into the middle chamber, and the ice delivered was anything but difficult to split away from the sides in the wake of being discharged from the freezer.

I also like the way that it incorporates a top, which keeps you without ice from getting tastes and scents in the freezer.

As we have talked about the signs previously, the essential thing you are required to do is to remove the genie from the freezer. To break the ice, press it from the two sides from the middle chamber of the item.

This thing is to some degree troublesome. When contrasted with ordinary ice plate, this needs a great deal of solidarity and in actuality, the volume of water this item holds is around 6 ounces that are clearly constrained ice.

However, the ice genie additionally comprises of 3 bunches that hold around 18 ounces of ice. What’s more, a three standard ice plate gave around 30 ounces of ice.

At last, I don’t feel that this thing produces enough ice to justify the additional time and effort to make it worth the fight. Make assured to watch my full video underneath to perceive how Ice Genie functioned (or didn’t) for me.

While holding a rating of around 1-2 star ratings, you can by and large find for this item on Amazon.


Aside from this, there are various thrilling methods to make a square of ice. There is nothing impeccable right now.  On the low finish of the range, you can get these simple discharge ice cube shape plates with covers for about $13.

Assuming, you need ice at a totally unique level, this ledge ice creator is profoundly appraised and can siphon out about a pound of ice for each hour.

Your Ice Genie Reviews

Things being what they are, so, tell that have you utilized something identified with ice genie previously? Drop a remark beneath and a star rating up to permit us to comprehend your thoughts.

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