What Is The Difference Between An Instant Pot And A Pressure Cooker

What Is The Difference Between An Instant Pot And A Pressure Cooker

In this post, we are providing you the difference between Instant pot and pressure cooker. To know the difference we must know what Instant pot and pressure cooker are?

What is A Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cooking is a process of cooking food using the pressure that is built inside a sealed pot due to the steam made. A pressure cooker is a sealed pot cooking food under sealed pressure. The pressure cooker is a conventional cooker used to cook food. We all have at least one pressure cooker in our home.

The pressure cooker can cook different types of food. The pressure cooker takes less time regardless of the type of food which makes it very convenient to use. You can cook rice, veggies, lentils, cake, mashed potato, meat, beans, etc in a pressure cooker easily.

what's the difference between a pressure cooker and an instant pot

Do You Know How Pressure Cookers Come Into Existence? If Not, Let Us Discuss The Brief History Of Pressure Cookers.

The pressure cooker has a long history of more than 350 years. The pressure cooker was invented by a French physicist in 1679, who also invented the first gas cylinder and first piston steam engine. The pressure cooker became popular during world war II when people realized its value of saving so much fuel by quick cooking. Now pressure cookers have become part of every household making life convenient by saving time and energy.

difference between instant pot and electric pressure cooker

What is Instant Pot?

Every one of us must have heard about pressure cookers in our life. But Instant Pot may sound new to many ears. The latest kitchen appliance helping both beginners at cooking and professionals is an Instant Pot. It is an all in one high-tech pressure cooker which has become one of the best selling kitchen appliances in the world.

The instant pot is a programmable electric pressure cooker that has taken the place of traditional pressure cookers. Traditional pressure cookers are stovetop pressure cookers which every one of us already knows about. The instant pot is an advanced technology electric pressure cooker. It is an upgraded version of traditional stovetop pressure cookers.

Instant pot works on electricity and it comes with more functions, unlike stovetop pressure cookers. Instant Pot is a multi-purpose pressure cooker as it can serve many purposes. It can perform tasks of different gadgets alone. It can perform the task of a rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer, saute, pressure cooker.

difference between pressure cooker and instant pot

Do you know that Instant Pot is a brand name? It is a Canadian brand that manufactures multi cookers. At first, it originated as a 6-in-1 pressure cooker. Later the brand became so famous that it took the face of all the electric cookers.

The instant pot performs the job of a slow cooker and as well as a fast cooker and is preloaded with multiple cooking options. The device is very much suitable for amateur as well as professional. People of every age can use it easily.

It is so much helpful for busy people who have limited time to cook as the pot cooks faster. Using an Instant Pot one can pressure cook food, make yogurt, steam food, and many others.

The Instant pot comes in almost all sizes to suit the need of users. They are all enabled with many features to cook different types of foods.

what is the difference between instant pot and pressure cooker

An instant pot is different from a pressure cooker by its control functions, usage, and advanced technology. There are four generations of Instant pot available in the market. Incorporation of digital controls to the Instant pot lets the users a very good control over their cooking.

Conventional Pressure cookers are often risked to explosions due to mishandling, causing a mess and sometimes injury. But the Instant Pot is designed with high standard safety measures keeping the security of the users in mind. Users can cook many things with the Instant Pot. Users can cook rice, meat, prepare Yogurt, beans, pulses, etc faster than standard methods of cooking.

While both the Pressure cookers and Instant Pot are widely used in homes and restaurants, the level of control one gets from Instant Pot is much higher than a traditional pressure cooker. With the advancement of technology, some of the Instant pots come with smart Instant pot with wifi connectivity and Alexa integration.

All the Instant Pot models come with the feature of Pressure cooking and can perform all functions of a stovetop pressure cooker. An Instant pot includes the functions of an electric pressure cooker,  rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and yogurt maker in one single unit that saves your money as you won’t have to buy separate gadgets for performing separate functions  For so many people Instant pot has made recipes easy that are traditionally a pain.

instant pot versus pressure cooker

The choice to choose between an Instant Pot and a Pressure Cooker totally depends on the user’s preference. Many people with both a pressure cooker and an Instant Pot, after using and knowing the advantages and easiness of using the latter, now just use an Instant Pot to schedule everything. While it totally depends on the user’s preference, the features, functions, and innovative technology of an Instant Pot make it very approachable to almost every household as compared to other kitchen appliances.