The Original Monster Zapper Reviews – We Should Buy It Or Not?

Monster Zapper Review

The monster zapper is one of the best bug-killing beasts. say, enough to bug-killing spray or other products. Because they will useless if we comparing it with the monster zapper. the Bell + Howell manufactures the monster Zapper.

In 2017, The Monster zapper launched in the market by Bell and Howell. I will clear your all doubts in the content before buying it. So without wasting your time let’s start the review, guide, and much more about monster zapper.

Bell + Howell Monster Zapper 2,800-Volt, 20-watts - Attracts...
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Bell + Howell Monster Zapper 2,800-Volt, 20-watts - Attracts...
  • ✅SUPER POWERFUL-Each Monster Zapper contains two 20-watt ultraviolet light bulbs with 2,800 volts of zapping power hat have been proven to attract, stun and kill almost all insects such as wasps, flies, mosquitoes and other pests.
  • ✅3,000 SQUARE FEET OF COVERAGE-Monster Zapper will trap and kill bugs throughout an area of up to 3,000 square feet. Since most rooms in homes and commercial buildings are between 200 and 500 square feet in size, it follows that one device will keep at least a few rooms pest-free for you.
  • ✅SAFE AND CHEMICAL FREE You won't need to use any harsh chemicals to operate this zapping device, so taking into consideration the protective safety grid covering each one, they're safe to use around pets and children.

How To Use Monster Zapper

1. Choose The Correct Location

After the choosing location, you will just plug it and turn it on. After it will on make sure your kids will maintain a clear distance from it.

2. The Light Will Attract The Bugs

You can see all insects will attract to the light And, if it touches the light it will kill immediately. the insect’s dead body will collect in the bottom tray.

3. Easy To Clean

Its cleaning is very very easy. You just pull out the bottom tray and wash it, and place it again. simple! 😄

Benefits Of Monster Zapper

  • Best for all types of insects.

  • Say bye, bye to all traditional ways of insect-killing.

  • Only the one-click process.

  • The price of the monster zapper is really pocket friendly.

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty on Amazon.

  • It’s an Eco ANd kid’s friendly machine.

  • Lightweight? – Yeah Its weight is completely light. so you can borrow it anywhere.

  • The monster zapper not only cost-efficient even it’s also energy efficient. It means your electricity bill will be not increased by using it.

  • The size of the monster zapper is most compact and portable it never needs much space for it.

Cons Of Monster Zapper

1. It Will become dangerous for kids if they will touch it. this condition will all upon you which location you will choose to place it.

2. It’s not waterproof so you will need to choose the right location or cover it from water.

How Does A Monster Zapper Work?

Monster zapper work amazingly its features will describe its working, lets see features

1. coverage area: it covered 3000 square feet area. It will make your rooms complete pest free.

2. Eco-friendliness: It is completely chemical and radiation-free. Otherwise, its best part is it’s safe for children and pets also.

3. full-year use: yeah, yeah, you can use this in any season. they have no condition to use it.

Monster Zapper Vs Monster Trapper

Monster Zapper

Monster Zapper is generally for commercial use or large area. Even its size also bigger than monster trapper. You can also buy the trapper if You have a small home or only one room use.

Monster Trapper

Monster Trapper is small size addition of monster zapper as you can see in the image of it. It’s all upon you and your need which size you want, this is the main difference between them.

General Questions About Monster Zapper

Q-1. Monster Zapper Is Safe For Pets And Your Child?

Ans. Overall Yes, It’s safe for kids and pets. if they will have a clear distance between them or never touching it.

Q-2. It Is Quiet Or Not?

Ans. Yes, It’s quiet but it makes a very bit of sound to killing insects.

Q-3. The Monster Zapper Is Only For Indoor Or Even Outdoor Purpose?

Ans. It’s suitable for bath or any location just make sure it was covered from water and kids also.

Q-4. It Is Rechargeable Or Not?

Ans. It is not rechargeable it has a long cord so if you plugged it then it was work.

Q-5. It Will Kill All Types Of Insects?

Ans. Definitely, it will kill any insects like a beast.

Q-6. What Is The Life Span Of A Monster Zapper?

Ans. I will use it for at least 2-month bout I have a friend that was used monster zapper for at least the 19th month of the year.