Noritz Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Noritz Tankless Water Heaters — The New Models Are In!

Noritz NR50ODNG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, max. 120,000...
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Noritz NR50ODNG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, max. 120,000...
  • Endless hot water
  • Ideal for outdoor applications
  • High Efficiency

Noritz has a long and distinguished history of producing energy-efficient tankless water heaters. They’ve been doing this since the 1950s, so you know they have decade after decade of experience. Let me describe for you some of the latest — and the list — models of Noritz tankless water heaters.

In the area of residential-the use water heaters, a basic model is the Noritz 631 series. These models of Noritz tankless water heaters are suitable for homes with 1-3 showers. These tankless water heaters utilize natural gas that operates very efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner. You can purchase these Noritz tankless water heaters in 2 configurations: with standard venting or outdoor venting.    

 A good step up from the 631 series is the 751 series. The 751 series of Noritz tankless water heaters are designed for homes with up to 4 showers. These models feature dual burners, quick connect, and a turbo-flow feature to boost the hot water output. The piping on the 751 series of Noritz tankless water heaters is 25% thicker, due to the higher quantities of water it can pump.

For somewhat larger homes, I would recommend the Noritz 931 series of tankless water heaters. These will provide water in homes with up to 5 showers. Using quick connect, you can install two single water heater units to meet increased hot water demand.

If you are looking for a tankless hydronic water heater, Noritz offers two models in their NH series: the NH-2001-DV and the NH-1501-DV. The Noritz NH-2001-DV provides from 55,500-150,000 BTU per hour and circulates hot water at 17 gallons per minute. The Noritz NH-1501-DV tankless water heater offers from 55,500-199,900 BTU per hour, also at 17 gallons per minute.

If you need a tankless water heater for commercial use – such as an apartment, offices even if you have a big home.

 You should know that Noritz is the first tankless water heater manufacturer in the world to have earned ASME accreditation. For example, the 931 series of commercial tankless water heaters from Noritz feature a coated heat exchanger and 25% thicker piping than their models designed for residential units.

For tremendous applications, such as apartment buildings, hotels, and offices, there is the Noritz 1321 series of tankless water heaters. The 1321 series units are capable of producing over 13 gallons per minute of hot water! Additionally, you can purchase a system controller and combine up to 24 single Noritz tankless water heater units to provide the equivalent of 316 gallons per minute, rated at 9.1 million BTUs — and that’s a lot of hot water folks!