What Does A Himalayan Salt Lamp Do : Everything About This

What’s up welcome back so as you guys know I’ve been kind of dealing with a lot of stress lately and a lot of anxiety and I’ve been trying to look for natural ways to be able to deal with that to cope with that and to just relax and have some R&R so today I’m going to be reviewing my pink Himalayan salt lamp now.

What is it? 

It’s pretty much a big hunk of natural salt crystal that’s been dug out of the earth and then they kind of carve a hole in the middle and put a light bulb and that’s pretty much it now.

What does it do?

So if you look online and if you google Himalayan salt lamp or whatever you’re going to get a bajillion sites that all kind of have different ways of saying the same thing it cleans and deodorizes the air removing like contaminants and pollutants.

Benefits Of The Himalayan Salt Lamp?

It increases your energy causes you to have better sleep and produces allergy symptoms etc. etc. There’s like a long long list and it goes into details about positive and negative ions and that whole thing down does it work.

So when I first got my salt lamp. I put it in my living room and I was like oh it looks so cute and turned it on and honestly. I didn’t feel the difference however I then put my salt lamp in my bedroom and during that time I was cleaning the apartment vacuuming in my vacuum exploded and dust and debris got all over my living room all over my kitchen everywhere that I had just cleaned now.

The only place that I was able to relax without having an allergy attack contact all the above was my bedroom and I literally just like left my lamp on for two days and was able to sleep in there I was actually waking up early which I never do ever picking up two hours before my alarm would go off with tons of energy and wanting to get up and do things and so I guess overall then it did work now what I ended up finding out online is that for each pound of your salt lamp that’s supposed to cover about a four by four area in your home.

1. Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with Natural Crystal Chunks

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So if you have a relatively small salt lamp like let’s say you have like a two or three pounder and you have a very large living room you’re really not going to feel the effects so this was something that I definitely took into consideration and now my salt lamp is just pretty much in my room now how much were they and one of the sizes.

When you go to the store the average sizes that I was seeing were between like 3 and 15 pounds. So the price range for that was somewhere between 12 and 30 dollars so I would say you know it’s relatively inexpensive mine was about $10 at HomeGoods I’ve seen them at Home Depot for somewhere around 20-something bucks they haven’t met tons of home décor stores such as like home goods probably TJ Maxx Urban Outfitters you know kind of everywhere

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp 6-8” with Dimmer Switch

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Where they have eclectic homewares you can probably find one so I mean just keep your eyes open if you really really want one also you know places like Etsy or amazing people are actually making salt lamps from scratch and doing like really cool carvings in them, of course, those are going to be more expensive but it’s just good to have that option if you want it now what are the pros of having a salt lamp as I told you before there is all these little health benefits you know helps with allergies helps with asthma helps to purify clean your air.

How Does Himalayan Salt lamp Work And More

They have a great price range so you can always find something within your budget depending on what you want as well as this is something that I kind of thought about after I got my salt lamp was that it’s a really really cool kind of like best lighting piece it almost has the same glow as if you were to light like maybe three or four candles but you don’t have to worry about knocking them over and burning your house down.

It’s so much cooler than those stupid flicker candles that you get I mean yeah I get the point it’s kind of like the same vibe as a candle but I just think those are lame so this is a great alternative to candles it kind of gives that really really nice kind of romantic glow so I would say that’s the benefit it’s kind of like the modern-day lava lamp but it’s a little bit more chic it’s a little bit more hip and I’d say that it’s an actual and actually beautiful decor piece that you can have.

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I have a friend she actually bought I think like three or four of them it has them all throughout her house so that can kind of be like a really cool decor piece that kind of transitions from room to room so that’s good as well what are the cons so if you’re getting this for the purpose of healing all the ailments that you have asthma allergies everything like that I said that it does help but it doesn’t make those things just go away like when I leave my apartment I’m still sneezing if the winds blowing and there are pollen and all that kind of crap floating around in the air now I don’t have pets but I can totally see somebody’s dog or cat-like going up and licking the lamp and all that kind of stuff I don’t know.

How this would affect them I don’t know what the ups and downs pros and cons are for having a pet involves with the salt lamp so I would say that that could be a con another con is that if you have a very very large space and you want to get salt lamps to really help clear the air and help you with your allergies you’re going to need a lot of them or you’re going to need a slightly bigger one.

I think mine is maybe around 3 to 5 pounds or something like that so it’s perfect for my bedroom which isn’t a super large space so it’s great for that but if you have a living room and you want to do a really cool decor piece to clear the air you would need a very very large salt lamp or you know a couple of smaller one’s kind of strategically placed so overall is the salt lamp worth it.

I would say yes just because you can get them at so many different price points and it’s really helping me with my sleep and my allergies in my bedroom I can definitely feel a difference and I mean this size for 10 bucks I think it’s an absolutely you know great investment so if you have a pink Himalayan salt lamp and you’ve experienced the benefits or experienced some downsides please put that in the comments box below please subscribe you know like the vid if you want to see more I’ll be posting more, as usual, have a good day